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NETSTOCK is a global provider of a cloud-based Demand Planning, Forecasting, and Inventory

Replenishment application. The NETSTOCK application enables Distributors, Manufacturers, and Retailers to:

  • Identify and reduce Excess Stock (freeing up much-needed cash)
  • Minimize Stock-outs (increasing sales and customer retention)
  • Free planners to focus on productive tasks (not fixing formulas and putting out fires)

Built for the cloud, the NETSTOCK app is now in use by 1,600 companies in 44 countries.  NETSTOCK integrates with all of the Dynamics ERP applications, as well as some 40 other leading ERP systems.

The team at NETSTOCK has a combined 800+ years of experience in complex Supply Chain and Inventory Replenishment environments. The NETSTOCK app distills all of that real-life experience into a tool that provides an intuitive dashboard interface designed for the SMB market and user - creating rapid deployment and user adoption.

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