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HandsFree exists to empower business professionals to thrive in the ever-evolving competitive environment through simple to use technology based upon software you already know and love.  Finally, solutions that are focused on improving the productivity of your system, extending its capabilities, and providing measurable ROI.

HandsFree was founded in March of 2021 after an experienced ERP market leader finally discovered solutions that aligned with his engineering passion of improving productivity and ROI.  HandsFree evolved into a productivity platform aimed at bringing solutions to the market that improve the daily lives of clients & customers and help optimize business processes.  “Every business has unproductive processes.  We fix them!” – is the motto and now HandsFree is doing that with it’s ERP integration friendly products to help you maximize the productivity within your system.

HandsFree DaaS – Documents as a Service utilizes RPA and OCR capabilities to allow computers to read documents, integrate them into your ERP system, and apply workflow.  It is intelligent document capture in short and takes AP Automation to the next level.  DaaS reduces the friction of customers having to learn and train a new system.  This allows for a quicker, painless implementation that can be done in phase one of projects, not pushed to the later stages.  If you are looking to dramatically improve AP/AR Automation or the capture of any other documents in your company, check us out.

TiM by HandsFree – TiM (Time is Money) is the most efficient time solution.  TiM makes time tracking simple and is based on how we plan our day using the Microsoft Outlook calendar.  TiM is completely integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 and can be customized for the management software of your choice.   We have seen clients’ time tracking efforts go from 2.5 hrs/week before using TiM, to 15 min/week with TiM, plus increases in time capture above 10%!  See how much time TiM can give back to you and contact us today.

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