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Project Accounting

How Different Approval Types Within Your Timesheet Can Save Time for Your Project-Based Business

Once seen as a new trend, a matrix-based structure has now become the standard in many project-based businesses. However, while allowing more flexibility and agility, the different dimensions of management found in this organizational structure may not be accurately represented with the basic approval capabilities of timesheets. If an employee answers to more than one […]

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VIDEO: Benefits of the Right Dynamics ERP and Right ERP Partner

Recently at the annual Microsoft Dynamics SL National Conference, Synergy sat down with several long-term clients to ask them how Microsoft Dynamics ERP and our software consultants have empowered them over the years. Here’s what NuScale Power had to say. They are a federal contractor that needed Department of Energy government compliance. The Dynamics ERP […]

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How Can Microsoft Dynamics enable better data access with powerful Financial Reporting?

We hear about more and more organizations plan to automate or migrate old reports to the new Financial Report Writer. “Better enablement with visibility” is the number one need identified by business people when it comes to how they get and use information. Visibility means getting the right information into the hands of the right […]

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How can better Financial Reporting with Microsoft Dynamics enable a successful Audit?

One of the best defenses against business setbacks, and an important driver of business performance, is having an up-to-date accounting system that minimizes risk and enables the creation and preservation of value. Successful organizations know how to take advantage of opportunities and counter potential flaws and therefore improve their performance, in many instances through effective […]

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Assurez le succès de vos projets avec une solution de gestion d’affaires comme Microsoft Dynamics GP

La réussite d’un projet peut être affectée par de nombreux facteurs : du manque de soutien de la part de la haute direction à une gestion du changement inadéquate, sans oublier les attentes irréalistes et les objectifs peu clairs, plusieurs éléments peuvent compromettre l’avancement d’un projet et donc son succès. Ce dernier dépend grandement d’un […]

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Deliver Projects Successfully with a Project Accounting Solution Integrated to Dynamics GP

The success of a project depends on numerous factors: from managing changes to lack of support from upper management, not to mention unrealistic expectations and unclear objectives, many elements can impact the progress of a project and in the end, its success. It often comes down to a two-way street between the client and those […]

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2 document management strategies to streamline an audit

As if tax season weren't stressful enough, many of us also have to deal with the threat of a potential audit looming over our heads. There are few more terrifying words in the English language than the word "audit," right? Luckily, the power of a document management solution, like MetaViewer, can make an audit much […]

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How to Upgrade Reporting, Budgeting, Dashboards, and Data Warehouse Processes with CPM in the Future

While corporate performance management (CPM) vendors continue to innovate and create powerful features that may not even have been requested by their customers yet, your organization most likely has to some research to do while vendors work on delivering the CPM tools that will optimize their customers’ decision-making. Almost no companies today are close to […]

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It’s W2 & T4 Time! Are you Ready?

W2 & T4 Time Don’t worry… Just because you had W2 & T4 pain last year… no longer! Email W2s instantly, saving significant time and costs printing W2s. Eliminate the need to purchase W2s forms Eliminate the need to print W2 forms Creates W2s in PDF Store W2s for future years eliminating time to recover lost […]

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2017 Year-End Processes for Microsoft Dynamics SL

For the convenience of our Dynamics SL clients and other users, we have a Webinar and a set of Factsheets on Year-End Processing Procedures and Checklists. The presentation below by Dynamics SL Consultant, Margo Phillips, is on applying Year-End Updates for the Dynamics SL modules, Payroll, Accounts Payable, and Project Controller. It also includes Year-End […]

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