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In Part I of “Survive the Economic Tsunami” we talked about how organizations who are thinking about investing in a new business system for ERP or CRM, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL or Microsoft Dynamics CRM , may be able to tap into available government tax incentives and economic stimulus programs. For Part II we want to tell you about an attractive stimulus package for NonProfits. At the inaugural NFP Summit in Washington, D.C., on June 18th, Microsoft Corp. announced the release of a stimulus package for select nonprofit organizations, associations and targeted trade groups designed to address the business challenges not-for-profit (NFP) groups face.
For over 25 years, we’ve successfully survived many tough business cycles in Michigan.  But the current economy is different – it is way beyond tough – and it is not a cycle.  Michigan and the rest of the country have experienced an economic tsunami and have embarked down a long road of major restructuring.     …

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OmniVue Business Solutions helped our client replace their costly Oracle ERP system with a robust Microsoft Dynamics solution and they realized tremendous cost savings. And we’re doing it more and more, as upper mid market businesses are realizing that they can have the same tier-one type functionality with a much lower total cost of ownership with Microsoft Dynamics GP.
There are just a few days left for users of the now discontinued Microsoft Small Business Financials (SBF) to get a 90% discount to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP. It is like Microsoft is just begging SBF customers to upgrade. You can get Microsoft Dynamics GP user licenses for $225 instead of $2250. But this offer expires June 26, 2009. Back in August 2008 Microsoft released this statement:
Most companies today still have islands of information throughout their organization.  Accounting has their own general ledger, receivables, and payables systems.  Other departments like sales, human resources, or manufacturing often have their own systems, non-integrated applications and tons of resulting duplicative data.  For example, both the accounting and manufacturing departments would have their own vendor …

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My favorite TV month of the year is May, when many high profile shows like American Idol, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy and 24 gear up for their much anticipated suspenseful and often shocking season finales (admit it-you watch them also!) Viewership increases significantly as these final episodes near, many times setting new records. The networks know that …

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