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IT Business Edge blogger, Ann All says that in 2009, the growth of ERP software delivered as a service was relatively flat. With existing ERP solutions, many of you are still reluctant to remove already installed software and start over with Software as a Service (SaaS) because you’ve already invested considerable resources, not only in …

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As the economy begins to shift into recovery mode, the mindset of smart companies is also changing. Instead of focusing on cost cutting and basic efficiencies, businesses are exploring ways to increase productivity and create value.  Most IT budgets have taken a hit during the past few years, which has made it difficult to upgrade …

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The TM Group and Secant Technologies, both Michigan-based technology providers to small and midmarket organizations, announced a new hosted solution for Microsoft Dynamics based on Secant’s BusinessCloudsm Hosting Services. The partnership’s launch promotion “3 Users for $1 and Your Server is Free” is aimed at first-time buyers of a new Microsoft Dynamics GP solution.
Trying to decide between a hosted/Software as a Service (SaaS) ERP deployment or an on-premise deployment of a new enterprise resource management system can be quite the dilemma. It requires judging your current business needs against the needs you anticipate having as your business grows.
There is no doubt about the benefits that an ERP system will bring to a business of any size; nonetheless, a traditional implementation process can be so expensive and complicated that will make it unaffordable for some small/mid size companies nowadays. To this end, some business solution providers in this highly competitive market now offer the On-Demand ERP Application Software system
Microsoft Dynamics Software plus Services strategy is centered on offering customers a CHOICE.  One of Microsoft’s differentiators in the market is their ability to offer customers the choice of deploying on-premise (software world), hosting from the clouds (services world) or perhaps doing both.  -          In the software world you have complete control: you get to …

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Let’s start off with a little quiz. SaaS is: A) a discount airline offering direct flights to Finland, B) a turbo charged automobile well suited for the German Autobahn, C) Software as a Service, D) not as good as the hype would have you believe. If you answered “C”, you get points for accuracy. If you answered “D”, you have passed the quiz with honors! (Don’t feel bad if you answered A or B) Simply put, Software as a Service (SaaS) is a delivery method for software in which the applications are hosted by a third party, rather than reside on your servers. To access the software, you pay monthly subscriptions fees based on the number of users. At first glance, this model seems very attractive - no upfront software costs, fast implementation, no new hardware to purchase and maintain. But there are many critical factors to take into account if you are considering SaaS solution.
Anyone researching ERP software today is likely to come across the term "Software As A Service" (SAAS). While enthusiastic about the concept, Microsoft has chosen to take a different approach by using the term "Software Plus Services".
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