Dynamics vs. On Demand/Online Packages

ERP Software Churn—Microsoft Dynamics versus NetSuite

A good analysis of NetSuite churn is offered by Jason Carter in his blog. One must step back from that analysis and ask why the customers are leaving the product so quickly in such high numbers. The comments on the blog post are as informative as the article itself. An independent analysis of the Microsoft Dynamics Product Roadmaps shows the long-term investment being made in the product line, indicating strong support of Dynamics GP all the way out to version 14—a product life stretching from 1993 to 2014.

Outsourcing Pros and Cons, Evaluating Your Outsourcing Options for ERP Software

By placing Microsoft Dynamics GP in a hosted environment, you tip its advantages over typical hosted-only solutions like NetSuite. Your software is hosted, stable, managed, and widely-available over the net. Yet you have more flexibility and functionality, more support and training options, easier customization options, and more third-party products. You own your data, with access to move it anytime, anywhere. Integration is long standing between all back-office operations for ERP, CRM, and e-commerce.

Have You Heard About SaaS? Is It Right For You?

Let’s start off with a little quiz. SaaS is: A) a discount airline offering direct flights to Finland, B) a turbo charged automobile well suited for the German Autobahn, C) Software as a Service, D) not as good as the hype would have you believe. If you answered “C”, you get points for accuracy. If you answered “D”, you have passed the quiz with honors! (Don’t feel bad if you answered A or B)

Simply put, Software as a Service (SaaS) is a delivery method for software in which the applications are hosted by a third party, rather than reside on your servers. To access the software, you pay monthly subscriptions fees based on the number of users. At first glance, this model seems very attractive - no upfront software costs, fast implementation, no new hardware to purchase and maintain. But there are many critical factors to take into account if you are considering SaaS solution.

Stila Cosmetics Selects Dynamics ERP Over Oracle And Sage

Stila Cosmetics,  a global beauty brand headquartered in Glendale, Southern California, went live  on Dynamics GP. The entire project was implemented in less than 6 weeks by Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle and Presidents club partner  Ignify. Stila was previously on a hosted version of Oracle eBusiness ERP. They were paying a very high fee in the range …

Stila Cosmetics Selects Dynamics ERP Over Oracle And Sage Read More »

Valor Brands Puts its Trust in OmniVue’s Hosted Microsoft Dynamics Solution

Disposable Diaper Company to Automate 80% of Its Financial Reporting by Running Its Business on a Hosted Microsoft Dynamics Solution from OmniVue

Should ERP Software Buyers Have Their Heads in the Clouds?

So here we are barreling ahead with Cloud Computing and SaaS (software as a service) – a pay as you go approach. Microsoft is offering MS Office in the clouds and Google has their cloud answer to the MS Office suite. Take a look at this link that defines exactly what Cloud Computing, both public …

Should ERP Software Buyers Have Their Heads in the Clouds? Read More »

5 Reasons To Consider Microsoft Dynamics GP On Demand Vs. NetSuite

First, you're probably saying to yourself, "How can they even compare Microsoft Dynamics with NetSuite it's apples and oranges? NetSuite is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application and Microsoft Dynamics GP isn't." But that's only partly true, while NetSuite is strictly a SaaS application, Microsoft Dynamics GP can be configured either on-premise or on-demand-expertly hosted by a Microsoft Partner. So let's start our comparison right there.

Companies Save Money by Right-Sizing From Oracle to Microsoft Dynamics GP

In today’s economy all companies are looking for ways to save money. Instead of upgrading their accounting software, lately I have seen that some companies are considering “rightsizing” their accounting software. Companies that own Tier 1 ERP systems like Oracle, JD Edwards & Peoplesoft don’t want to pay the hefty annual maintenance fees. And they realize that they don’t use much of the complex functionality provided with these systems. So I have been getting calls from companies who want to compare Microsoft Dynamics GP as an option. Microsoft Dynamics GP can give them the functionality they need at a fraction of the price.


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