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Finance Department Tips & Tricks

Vendor Invoice Approval with Microsoft Flow

So, if anyone out there is using Office 365 and has not automated (or is paying a ton to do so) their vendor invoice approval process, welcome Microsoft Flow.  Using your existing Office 365 subscription in conjunction with SharePoint and Microsoft Flow, you can achieve a robust invoice automation system with minimal costs to your organization. If you currently don’t […]

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4 Automation Strategies to Create a Best-in-Class AP Department

Your company's AP department is important to every aspect of your enterprise. Think about it: Without quick and accurate payment processing to vendors and service providers, your organization loses credibility, money and a competitive edge in the industry, and soon your vendors will choose to take their business elsewhere. In this day and age, each […]

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How do I get historical data into my new system?

"I've had a consultant in here for 2 years now 'converting data'. Does that seem reasonable?" This is a direct quote from a meeting that I was in today. And I wish that I could tell you that it was the first time I've heard something like this! Whether you are talking Business Central, GP, […]

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Self-Service Analytics: Exploring Your ERP Data for Maximum Insights

In the era of digital transformation, our jobs are overflowing with data like never before. And that’s a good thing! Because more data improves decision making. But it’s also intimidating, because our systems (and our lives) can become so saturated that the data is difficult to manage. Many professionals get overwhelmed spending too much time […]

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Is It Time to Automate Your Purchase Orders?

If your business is focused on inventory, you probably fill out purchase orders on a regular basis. Creating purchase orders manually is a time-consuming task. It’s a process that costs money and involves some trial and error. If you’re still manually creating purchase orders, it might be time for your company to invest in an […]

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Let’s Get Competitive: Using RPA to gain a competitive edge

We have all heard that purchasing technology is a long-term investment that comes with a host of benefits. But did you also know that your investment in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can also give you a competitive edge in your market? We are in the age of instant gratification, and your team is likely looking […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Tip – How to Recreate a Vendor Check

If you have accidentally voided the wrong check in Microsoft Dynamics GP, or selected the wrong vendor for the AP transaction, you can recreate the transaction to ensure the vendor account shows the invoice with the correct check number. First, you’ll need to update your checkbook to allow for duplicate check numbers. Go to Financial […]

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Scaling up: 6 signs it’s time to ditch QuickBooks

Reporting times, process automation, user count – Oh my! Is your accounting team ranting about QuickBooks as it struggles to handle more complex business processes? A year ago accounting couldn’t have been happier with the system. But if your company has grown, it’s possible that QuickBooks has become a bottleneck to your processes and is now holding […]

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Happy Opening Day, MLB Fans! A Look at Baseball and Business Intelligence

Well, here we are, fellow baseball fans. It's Opening Day of the 2018 season, and I've got one thing on my mind: Baseball. So let's talk about the most valuable strategy all MLB organizations have in their lineup: Data analysis. Think about it for a minute. How many various statistics do you hear during a […]

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Property Leasing & ASC 842 – WEBINAR

Property Leasing & ASC 842 Can't make the Property Leasing & ASC 842 - webinar? Sign yourself up for a one-on-one demo by emailing us at [email protected] and enjoy how easy learning about our solution is. New Lease Accounting Standards are on their way (ASC 842 and its’ IFRS cousin, IFRS 16). ASC 842 is meant […]

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