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Dynamics ERP for Distribution

Eliminating Paper-Based Warehouse Management Processes

Streamlining warehouse operations requires organization, processes and, of course, people. While using robots can increase efficiencies, most warehouses rely on us humans to keep things ticking. If you’re still using paper-based methods to receive shipments, manage put-aways, perform picks and handle your daily warehouse operations, it may be time to look at taking the next […]

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From overlayering to extensibility: what benefits does it bring you?

The shift to extensibility explained Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365 FO) can be extensively customized by: Independent software vendors (ISV), Value added resellers (VAR), And even by some customers using the solution(s) (CUS) In this landscape, our DynaRent Solutions Suite is an equipment-driven rental & services (ISV) solution designed for and leveraging […]

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How to Keep Your Distributor Force Engaged and Increase Sales

Corporate direct sales leaders are incredible motivators. They have to be.   They produce sales exclusively through a sales force, the company's distributors, over which they have no formal authority.   The sales leaders who thrive in this environment have become masters at motivating this distributor force to move product.   And, when the need arises […]

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The advantages of DynaRent and Innius for rental companies

From blockchain to the Internet-of-Things (IoT), technology advancements are slowly changing the way we do business in the equipment rental industry. More information is available than ever before. IoT solutions help you gain insight into your data, make better decisions and detect problems before they arise. Thanks to the increasing number of cloud devices, like DynaRent […]

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Intermat: Is the future of construction all-electric?

The Intermat is well-known as the largest exhibition of construction equipment in the world. And with a visitor count of over one hundred seventy thousand, you could really get a message across. Now, we all know that the construction business, in general, is not the greenest. Though the demand for clean, electric, quiet, and low-emission […]

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Consumption-based rental: what is it and how to use it?

In today’s economy, paying for only the things you use is quite common. An increasing number of companies use a consumption-based pricing model. However, within the rental business, you mainly pay for the number of days you rent certain equipment. What if we could change renting so that our customers pay for what they actually […]

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The growing trend of telematics technology in the rental industry

Telematics is a technology based on the global positioning satellite system that is in the process of being adopted into the modern equipment of the future. It offers increased profitability and efficiency for equipment owners and fleet managers. It helps you to provide the locations of the equipment. Additionally, it gives you a detailed analysis […]

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How to control and protect your data by using security roles

Data management has become a necessity in every business, but it has become and will continue to grow more complex. Companies are gathering and registering more and more data, but how can you ensure to shield data from people who shouldn’t be able to see it? This is where security roles come into play. Within […]

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The latest developments in the construction machinery market

The developments in innovate construction machinery are advancing at lightning speed. In the meantime, construction companies have to make contract choices: rent, lease, or buy? This article contains an overview of the important trends. Sensors are everywhere: in our cars, computers, thermostats, refrigerators, and construction machinery. They also contain more and more electronics. For example, […]

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The Evolution of IoT and the Cloud in Distribution

There has been a lot of hype associated both with the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing. For manufacturing and distribution, we have a rich foundation that existed long before the term IoT was even coined. That makes those of us working in this field uniquely positioned to make the move less intimidating and […]

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