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What Customization Needs is your ERP System Missing?

Modern business management technology is pretty amazing for the most part. Managing core business processes though powerful ERP systems, like Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll, instead of specialty software or paper-based systems, saves so much time and frustration. However, even with these comprehensive systems, there are times when something is missing or a simple task could […]

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How to improve your venue and event rental workflow quick and easy

The venue and/or event rental business revolves around the effective and efficient management. Not only equipment or spaces but also tools, materials, services, and people. Concepts like CRM, contract management, inventory and availability, planning, execution, billing, and ledger integration need to be perfectly streamlined. As a result you can be successful in the volatile venue […]

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GP Optimizer 2018 – Winter Edition – ARTICLE

GP Optimizer 2018 - Winter Edition Download your free copy of GP Optimizer Magazine - Winter 2018 for great articles on how to optimize your experience with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Don't forget to check out our articles on page 25: Quote to Cash in Dynamics GP and page 30: Managing Leases under ASC 842 and Dynamics GP. Help us show you […]

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New Release: GP Optimizer Winter 2018

A new year has arrived and so has a new installment of the GP Optimizer Magazine.   As this publication moves into its sixth year of circulation, we wanted to try something new! For this Winter 2018 edition, we’ve set out to produce a magazine with cohesive content, as dictated by one overarching theme: Targeting […]

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Start Planning Your Transformative Business Goals for 2018

As we start the new year, it’s time to solidify the next set of strategic goals for 2018. Many businesses are talking about initiating or strengthening their digital transformation, and finding innovative ways to drive productivity and profitability goals. It’s time to think big and embrace fundamental transformations, replacing outdated processes with more modern, efficient […]

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How Much Does Microsoft Dynamics ERP Cost?

Don’t you wish there was an easy answer to that question? For those of us used to shopping online, we want to just be able to check our favorite shopping sites, locate a picture of the item we want, decide if it’s a good deal and click “Buy Now.” Unfortunately, purchasing and implementing a top […]

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How to profit even more from your online presence

Our online presence is becoming more and more incorporated into the way we do business. Rental companies too are increasingly seeing the benefits of conducting business online. And of course, every company has a website nowadays and is used to emailing clients. But the internet brings even more benefits. There are fascinating trends emerging in […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP: 3 Steps to a Smooth Software Upgrade

Have you been investigating a new or upgraded ERP software solution? Would you like to know what to expect if you choose Microsoft Dynamics GP? Initially, you'll want to select a reliable Microsoft Dynamics ERP partner. From there, a number of fairly standard steps, followed closely, will lead to a successful implementation. Assessing Your Needs […]

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How to perfect your warehouse management with DynaRent

Are you unable to find your rental equipment in your warehouse, or are you unsure how to organize your deliveries and returns? The pressure is high and the demand of customers even higher. Furthermore it can be difficult to keep up with quickly changing requirements. DynaRent provides the setup and functionalities to make those problems […]

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How to monitor your rental fleet and its availability

Having maximum utilization of your rental fleet means making sure your equipment is at the right depot at the right time. This is how it becomes easier to send it out for a job. Internationally operating equipment rental companies have always invested a lot in their fleet to execute and maintain their current business. When […]

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