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 Understanding 2020’s B2B Omnichannel Consumer

If you are in the business of selling to other businesses (B2B), it’s essential to understand what your buyers want. We’ve researched the topic of B2B buying, and we’ve found that most B2B omnichannel buyers today prefer making their purchases via e-commerce channels, but often go offline if the experience doesn't offer what they need.

The Supply Chain E-Commerce Guide (Plus, D2C Sales Tips)

Manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale businesses that also want to compete in the supply chain e-commerce arena face a number of challenges.

Solving Wholesale E-Commerce Challenges: Century Martial Arts [Case Study]

Being the leader in your industry can be bitter-sweet as success always comes with some challenges. The large volume of manufacturing, pricing, stocking, receiving orders, and shipping can put stress on your current wholesale e-commerce platform and create a slew of other problems. This is what happened with Century Martial Arts.

Abandoned Cart Recovery: 4 Ways to Win Back Your Customers

These days, no one has to tell you that e-commerce is bigger than ever. In fact, few businesses will survive without it. And e-commerce is not just for end-use consumers. The global revenue opportunity in B2B e-commerce leaves trillions of dollars up for grabs for businesses that can meet the needs and expectations of buyers. …

Abandoned Cart Recovery: 4 Ways to Win Back Your Customers Read More »

How Manufacturers and Distributors Can Both Benefit from D2C Sales

It’s been argued that B2B and B2C are dead (or that they should be), and that we should be evolving toward B2B2C and D2C (direct-to-consumer) sales for more customer-centric strategies. It seems that —especially lately— B2B organizations are taking note. For quite some time now, the rise of D2C sales has been observed, but it’s …

How Manufacturers and Distributors Can Both Benefit from D2C Sales Read More »

How to Improve B2B Customer Experience: A Look at the E-Commerce Returns Process

Order errors and returns negatively affect your B2B profits, of course, but it's critical to also consider the impact the e-commerce returns process has on your customers.

6 Critical B2B E-Commerce KPIs for Online Sales

Knowing the state of your business and the success of your processes is vital if you’re going to grow and remain competitive. One of the best ways to gauge your success is with the strategic use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The Top 6 Benefits of B2B E-Commerce Done Right

Whether you’re just exploring the idea of a web store for your business or you’ve already instituted one, you’re no doubt interested in knowing how much a good B2B e-commerce solution, such as Sana Commerce's B2B E-Commerce Solution for Microsoft Dynamics, will contribute to your success.

How Your Construction Company Can Benefit from E-Commerce

The construction industry is moving at a rapid pace. In fact, by 2030, it is estimated that the global construction market will be worth over a trillion dollars. Businesses hoping to remain competitive and reap the benefits would do well to position themselves now with the tools they need to move ahead.

Food and Beverage Industry: 3 Reasons to Embrace E-Commerce

Is introducing or revamping your online sales channels on your to-do list for 2020? Here are three reasons that you made the right choice.   Online Grocery Shopping will Grow Still on the fence about selling online? Let 2020 be the year you leave your doubts behind. Online grocery sales in the U.S. are projected …

Food and Beverage Industry: 3 Reasons to Embrace E-Commerce Read More »


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