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 Field Level Security in GP

There are scenarios in which management doesn’t allow GP users to edit sensitive fields like Item Cost, Price, etc. without knowing a password. This is one of the most essential needs for any customer in their daily business routine. We quite often receive questions such as, “Is there any way I can set a password …

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How to Create New Columns from Existing Data in Dynamics GP

Power BI - Add Column By Example This feature allows you to create new columns of data from existing columns or cleaning data in your data model. It allows you to add new columns of data to your model by simply providing one or more sample values for your new column. Using column by example …

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Power BI - Measures and Quick Measures

Measures and Quick Measures are a very powerful tool in Power BI. What are Measures? Sometimes your data doesn't include everything you need to answer questions. You use DAX formulas to create a measure field that you can then use in the report or Data view. Examples of measures are sums, averages, minimum or maximum …

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[Video] PowerBI - Slicers

Last month we introduced our Power BI Feature Series, with a focus on Bookmarks. Today we take a closer look at Slicers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Overview

It is true that Microsoft launched their cloud based financial software last year under the name Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, prior to it being ready for mainstream. There were issues with the functionality and more with the software. In the months since, Microsoft has taken the feedback from partners such as Prophet, and …

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Power BI Feature Series

Bookmarks in Power BI One of the more interesting features released for Power BI has been bookmarks. Bookmarks allow you to organize the presentations of your report by storytelling or creating report navigation. Bookmarks allow you to control: The current page Filters Slicers Sort order Drill location Visibility Focus modes To access the bookmark feature …

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Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics GP

At Prophet we have the ability to track what version of GP each of our clients are currently using. When the time comes, we will be reaching out to them in order to schedule a GP upgrade if we deem it beneficial due to the implementation of a new feature or it becomes necessary for other …

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[Video] Better Querying with SmartView

SmartView from eOne Solutionsis an alternative to Microsoft Dynamics GP’s SmartList database querying tool. SmartView improves upon SmartList’s functionality and performance, and adds numerous features, as well. If you’ve ever experienced frustration while querying and filtering your data with SmartList, please consider the following benefits of switching to SmartView! Unlimited Filtering SmartList filtering is limited …

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[Video] Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018

Microsoft's Power BI has come a long way over the last year. Microsoft is continually making improvements to the product, releasing new enhancements on a monthly basis. Power BI is a great tool that helps make sense of your data. It allows you to build reports and or dashboards that can be consumed in your organization to make better …

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Setting up Dynamics GP EFT for Payables

We are often asked to assist with setting up Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments in Dynamics GP. Processing EFT payments rather than cheques will save time and it can be implemented very quickly. Once set up, the processing of EFT payments is almost the same as processing cheques in the system so your GP users …

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