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Beanworks Solutions Inc.'s Logo Three Reasons Why Finance Leaders Are Turning to Virtual Credit Cards in 2022

Automated payment methods are designed to combat financial risks. Software like Beanworks will automatically flag duplicate payments, and support leaders to increase internal security by setting up a custom approval matrix. 

Beanworks Solutions Inc.'s Logo Accounts Payable Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

The past year has been a transitional period for many businesses. While some office operations have returned to normal, several challenges brought about by the pandemic remain. Learning to operate in this new environment has forced companies to embrace innovative and flexible approaches to processes like accounts payable. 

Beanworks Solutions Inc.'s Logo Five accounts payable challenges that controllers need to know in 2022

Managing accounts payable (AP) manually can be frustrating. From sourcing invoice approvals from managers to paying vendors in a timely fashion, there are several challenges that AP teams often run into.

Beanworks Solutions Inc.'s Logo The Truth About AI: Are the Robots Taking Over?

Research shows that 93% of CFOs are digitizing their operations, and 57% say they are committed to a complete transformation rather than opting for quick fixes and shortcuts. It is enough to make some teams worry if the future will be more about technology than it is about them. 

Beanworks Solutions Inc.'s Logo The Accounting Profession Has Changed – Here are the Skills You Need to Succeed

Businesses are adopting new technologies, but some are struggling to find the right talent. One report highlights that 96% of finance leaders said it is very or somewhat challenging for them to find financial professionals with the skillset that they need for the business.

Beanworks Solutions Inc.'s Logo How AI and Automation is Shaping the Finance Industry

With the limitations of remote work, more businesses are turning to automation. Knowing what to automate and managing the disruption with the right tools can lead to an era of better productivity and performance

Beanworks Solutions Inc.'s Logo What an Invoice Approvals Process Looks Like in the Hybrid Age

Our survey with over 200 AP professionals found that they were spending one day per week on managing approvals. If your AP department uses a manual process for approving invoices and payments, you would know the common challenges that come with it.

Beanworks Solutions Inc.'s Logo Data Entry is Over. What’s Next for Accounts Payable?

Despite the rise of automation, 86% of accounting teams still depend on manual data entry of invoices. For 40% of them, it is a tedious task which takes up a quarter of their working week. But at the same time, executives increasingly expect strategic insights from financial professionals. They want to know how their business …

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