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Computeration 's Logo 6 Benefits of Online Accounting Software For Wholesale Distribution Companies

As a wholesale distributor looking to remain competitive you can now leverage online accounting software to effectively change your business direction to gain and maintain advantages over your competitors.

Computeration 's Logo What if You Aren’t Getting Management Support During Implementation?

Difficult situations are easier to deal with if you’re prepared in advance. If you need help presenting alternatives to your executives, being prepared with multiple alternatives is the first approach to your executive that will demonstrate you’re professionally approaching the implementation project.

Computeration 's Logo Computeration Announces the ZAP! Payables Integration Tool

Portland, Oregon, September 18, 2013 – Computeration, Inc. announces the ZAP! Payables Integration tool at the GP Technical Airlift in Fargo, ND. The tool extracts data from QuickBooks and integrates both open and historical detailed payables transactions fully posted into Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. Credits and payments are fully applied for history transactions and are …

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Computeration 's Logo Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Promotion Plus Oregon Promotion

In keeping with a historical trend of providing product discounts for the last calendar quarter, Microsoft has released promotions for new and existing clients.

Computeration 's Logo Leveraging the Cloud to Increase Speed to Market for the Wholesale Distribution Industry

Cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics GP can be deployed in days rather than months. You can be using your software within hours for prototyping and training. Our coaching process can reduce your implementation services to a manageable cost for every small and mid-size business.

Computeration 's Logo Security in the Cloud is the #1 Issue for Clients

With open portals for multiple mobile devices, obsolete or ineffective anti-malware software, and unsecured server rooms, most on-site data is not as secure as it is with a host. We’ll gladly talk with you about hosted security procedures and policies.

Computeration 's Logo Implementation Coaching Builds on Washington Company’s Resources

A Vancouver, Washington client celebrating its one-year anniversary of using Microsoft Dynamics GP explains why Computeration consulting and coaching works so well for them.

Computeration 's Logo How On-premise Oregon and Washington Dynamics GP Clients Have Moved to the Cloud

When it’s time to replace servers and upgrade their software, many Dynamics GP clients are finding it cost effective to move to a custom hosted environment. Computeration has helped numerous small companies in Oregon and Washington make the move.

Computeration 's Logo Oregon Companies Improve Audit Ability of Microsoft Dynamics GP

This article covers Dynamics GP Posting Setup. Our clients, primarily Oregon companies, are notorious for keeping expenses to a minimum so few of our customers have invested in any of the third-party audit modules. In a group of articles posted to my various blogs, I’ll point out what you can change to tighten up audit ability at low cost.

Computeration 's Logo Benefits of Configuration of Dynamics GP Using RapidStart Tools

The RapidStart Configuration tool for Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2013 can be put to use in multiple ways to improve your cash flow at the beginning of an implementation by reducing configuration and consulting time.


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