Going to DynamicsCon? Please consider voting for Mike Marcin, Director of Business Development at DynamicPoint, so he can be placed on the DynamicsCon conference agenda! Learn more and vote for Mike here: https://dynamicscon.com/submissions/?query=mike%20marcin  

DynamicPoint Releases New Office 365 Employee Expense Management App. The EasyEXP365 app automates the entry, review, and approval of expense reports using Office 365. Learn more about the features here: https://www.dynamicpoint.com/dynamicpoint-releases-new-office-365-employee-expense-management-app/

DynamicPoint’s vendor portal application can also be used to automate entire business processes with vendor onboarding. Learn how to manage your vendors using an Office 365 vendor portal, including onboarding here: https://www.dynamicpoint.com/vendor-onboarding-with-dynamicpoint-portals-2/

There has never been a better time to save money with Business Automation solutions using Office 365. Learn how to leverage DynamicPoint"s customer, vendor, or employee portal together with Office 365 to automate entire business processes. https://www.dynamicpoint.com/dynamicpoint-portals-for-business-automation-2/

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