Case Study: Embracing ClickLearn as a corporate Dynamics 365 training platform

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Case Study

Helping over 10 million Americans save for retirement, education, and healthcare, Ascensus is the largest independent retirement and college savings services provider in the United States, supporting approximately 106,000 retirement plans, 4.7 million 529 college savings accounts, and administering more than 1.7 million IRAs and health savings accounts.

Working with the Dynamics 365 Online, Unified Interface, as well as on-premise versions, the company has a need to retrain users on a regular basis to keep them up-to-date with CRM enhancements. However, going through and creating all the training material by hand takes a lot of time and represents a tedious task for the CRM team.

Revamping the CRM training strategy

In a recent cloud migration involving over 100 users, ClickLearn was the center of our training plan. It enabled us to launch the application faster while helping increase overall user adoption.

Dan Madden, CRM Program Manager at Ascensus

“We’ve been driving an aggressive CRM roadmap across the entire enterprise, and ClickLearn better enables us to deliver product innovations without the need to adjust our staffing model across training delivery. The only way to get in front of that was to think about a different training strategy,” says Dan Madden, Ascensus CRM Program Manager.

“Owning the budget for the project, we realized we didn’t have the funding to build out the frontend staff to train all our users. ClickLearn is our bridge to working smarter in a highly evolving product.”

In just over 3 months, 2 authors were able to develop and publish over 50 different training resources, each of which provided written documentation with screenshots (online or to export and save) as well as a Show Me video and two hands-on training exercises (Test Me, Try Me). This was released for all online users and the custom help link was updated to point right into the ClickLearn learning portal. With the integrated Office 365 login, users can quickly access the content they need.

Facts about Acensus

  • Headquartered in Dresher, Pennsylvania
  • 3,300+ employees
  • Founded in 1975
  • More than $261 billion in assets under administration
  • US largest independentretirement and college savings services provider
  • Needed a way to ensure end-user training while driving their CRM enterprise roadmap
  • In just over 3 months, 2 authors created 50+ training resources in multiple formats. Within one week of the project going live, they have had 80+ users in ClickLearn, 700+ pages viewed, 300+ Show Me videos watched plus comments and feedback submitted
  • The team has made great use of ClickLearn Replay feature to build out similar trainings


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