Microsoft Dynamics GP: What's Ahead for GP Partners and Users?

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Microsoft Dynamics GP has long been Microsoft's workhorse ERP solution, and with good reason. But with other Dynamics ERP solutions available, you'd do well to reevaluate whether Dynamics GP is still meeting your needs. If not, what can you do to remedy the situation, either by making some changes to your solution or considering switching to another?

If you use GP, what are your reasons for considering something else? Have you outgrown it or decided you need a cloud-based solution?

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If Dynamics GP works well for you, but you want cloud capabilities, you have options. You can host Dynamics GP in the Cloud yourself, or many partners provide a wide variety of cloud hosting options. Hosting platforms can simply host Dynamics GP for you, or they can offer enhancements to improve your user experience.

Is Dynamics GP still a good fit and will Microsoft Partners Support Dynamics GP?

Another good question is, are you torturing your system as you grow beyond its capabilities? Does your Dynamics GP solution still fit your company's needs?

There are reasons you may be outgrowing your Microsoft Dynamics GP software. Companies outgrow their Dynamics GP because of functional issues or technology issues. Understanding Dynamics GP's primary operational constraints on a growing enterprise can help you decide if it's time to "get fitted" for a more robust solution.  You may enjoy reading our blog about the rule of multis. It will make the analysis easier.

Dynamics GP may be holding you back if what you want to do as a company no longer fits the software as it stands today. A move to Microsoft Dynamics 365BC may or may not be a good option for you. That's where a frank discussion with your partner will be helpful.

Unfortunately, there has been some confusion in the  GP partner channel. This was reinforced at the recent Microsoft Community Summit. 2022. Microsoft made some confusing statements that left GP partners, ISVs, and end users uncertain about the future of GP. Microsoft then had to retract some remarks and explain the roadmap for Dynamics GP.

Here's what we expect to happen from the typical  Dynamics GP partner's standpoint. Many GP partners are loyal to GP and their GP customers. Some will choose to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft's cloud-based ERP. But some may not.

So, if you're intent on staying with GP or moving, you have to be able to talk to a partner that understands Dynamics 365 Business Central and can compare and contrast the two solutions for you.

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Insite: an ERP Analyzer to help you decide on your best move

Our ERP analyzer, Insite, uncovers precisely what is happening with your ERP system. We use the data to empower decisions that optimize your business processes and ERP.  Insite is a revolutionary application that evaluates the health of ERP systems and identifies hidden project costs. Insite uniquely assesses an ERP platform's fitness level and can be used to improve ERP processes dramatically.

Check out Pelorus Technology's ERP analyzer.

Should I Upgrade from  Microsoft GP to Microsoft Dynamics BC?

We know your struggle.  Microsoft Dynamics GP has delivered a reliable ERP and accounting solution for decades, but it may not be enough to keep up with the demands of your growing business.  Even with endless customizations, you could be torturing GP and creating friction for your business operations instead of capitalizing on automation, optimization, and digital transformation.  Our years of experience with GP help to put together an enterprise solution that accelerates your business forward.

The messaging from Microsoft and the general Microsoft Dynamics GP partner community is that the optimal upgrade option for GP users is a natural choice: upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (BC).  Here we discuss how that message misses several vital options that lead to a better solution based on your business requirements and plans.

If you currently use Microsoft Dynamics GP and are wondering if now is the time to upgrade, let us run a preliminary analysis of your system. Here's what that includes:

  • A detailed understanding of how shadow ERP elements have created gaps in your ERP system and decreased the efficiency of your business processes
  • A demonstration of our Insite tool to measure shadow ERP components and real-time challenges
  • A frank discussion of solutions to any identified gaps and recommendations for improvement

Contact our experts at Pelorus Technology, and let's discuss your options.

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