Dynamics Business Central Implementation Guide

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Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) is Microsoft’s cloud-based business applications platform. Dynamics 365BC combines CRM and ERP components, productivity applications, and artificial intelligence tools. If you’ve been researching ERP solutions, no doubt Dynamics 365 has landed at the top of your shortlist.

You’ve read about the features and what Dynamics 365BC can do for small to mid-sized businesses. What’s the next step? Let’s talk about implementation. Implementing new business technology is a big job for any organization. You’ve probably heard horror stories of  ERP Implementations that have gone wrong. Choosing an expert Microsoft partner and preparing your internal team will help safeguard your ERP project from failure.

So, how do you get ready for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation? There are five main stages in a  Dynamics 365BC selection/implementation project:

1. Review your current ERP solution

To benefit from your new ERP solution, it’s helpful to review your current system. Consult with company executives, directors, the IT team, and especially those using the software daily. What are your reasons for wanting to switch solutions? What’s not working? What processes do you hope to improve? Once company executives have decided that your current ERP solution needs to be replaced, a companywide interview with key users will help identify specific ERP requirements.

2. Invite ERP partners to respond to your RFI

A request for information (RFI) allows you to find the software and partner that will work best for your needs. The benefits of the RFI include:

  • A comparative way to see the similarities and differences between ERP vendors
  • Narrowing down a long list of vendors to a short list to invite in for presentations
  • Helping the ERP vendor assess if they are a feasible solution for your needs

Send the RFI to ERP VARs (Value Added Resellers)  to review. They will provide demos on the best functional fit and suggest any third-party add-on solutions that will be helpful.

3. See the software demonstrated with your processes

Your Microsoft partner will have prepared a demonstration based on your requirements. Be sure to ask for a collaborative meeting where you can ask questions. It’s a good idea to appoint a key user to represent the group so off-topic questions won't derail the meeting unnecessarily. Questions that will benefit the whole group will be helpful. All other questions could be answered in a follow-up session.

4. Review your partner’s statement of work

In this step, the ERP partner will summarize their due diligence about the engagement and present licenses and services estimates for completing the implementation. They will define a first and second-phase roadmap. The second phase ERP implementation plan may be loosely defined, but it should be mentioned in the statement of work.

5. Plan a kick-off meeting

A final call will review and adjust the training plan, project plan, and project charter as necessary. Assuming the statement of work is agreed upon and approved,  the customer will sign off on the new ERP implementation project. Both project teams will arrange a “kick-off” call to commence the ERP implementation.

Implementing a new ERP solution such as Dynamics Business Central will be exciting, but it is a big project and requires the best input from both the partner and the customer. Plan ahead to ensure a successful project, and you will get the best out of your new ERP solution and a rapid return on your investment.

In a further post, we’ll tell you about our no-nonsense implementation approach for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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