Why Choose Dynamics 365 Finance for Enterprise Versus QuickBooks

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Typically,  a growing business will cycle through at least three ERP solutions: QuickBooks, a software that’s a step up from QuickBooks, and finally, a truly robust solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance. But do you really need three systems to get to where you want to be? Often clients will say it’s to save money while the business is still growing. But we think that’s false reasoning. Here’s why:

The preliminary and intermediate software choices could actually cost you more in the long run. The actual cost of your ERP solutions is not only the software. Add to that the time and labor of implementation times three. And also factor in the lost opportunity costs of the solutions that limit growth and provide less than optimal data and analytics.

One of our clients summed it up well when he said, “We made our decision based on what we aspire to be, not on what we are today”!

A solution for a growing business

There is a definite advantage to opting for a solution that you only have to implement once. Starting out, you may not use all the features available, but your organization will grow to need and appreciate them as it continues to prosper and expand.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, for Enterprise companies, has been getting a lot of attention from companies who feel that their QuickBooks is holding them back. They may feel frustrated with a sub-optimal system if they feel forced to choose between functionality and cost. Here’s their dilemma:

  • The limitations of QuickBooks are hindering them and affecting their growth.
  • An affordable “mid-tier” ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics GP or Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC (Business Central) will take them only part way to the functionality they will eventually need.
  • A robust solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance provides all the functional and technical requirements for a growing company but may seem too expensive from a licensing standpoint.

Granted,  the licensing cost for an enterprise-level ERP solution may seem prohibitive for a growing company wanting to upgrade from QuickBooks. But it may be dramatically more cost-effective if analyzed in terms of opportunity costs:

  • The lost growth in business due to an ERP solution that does not provide the necessary  strategic tools
  • The real cost of paying for another software and implementation when the business has grown, and an enterprise-level solution is a necessity

Why choose Dynamics 365 Finance versus Quickbooks?

Our team at Pelorus Technology can show you how a rapid implementation of an enterprise-level ERP solution can dramatically save and make you money.

Discover the best fit for your business and industry.  Learn about your options and leverage our years of experience to provide you with the insights to select the best ERP system for your company.  From which factors are most critical to consider in the selection phase to what requirements you need for your system to grow with you through your digital transformation, our team is here to help. Contact our Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts.

By Pelorus Technology,  pelorustechnology.com 

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