Flexible Transportation Management Solution Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERPs

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ERP technology continues to advance, and companies of all sizes are looking to benefit from the new features and enhancements that come with each new Microsoft Dynamics version. Moreover, regular security updates ensure your critical business data remains protected.

Some companies also need advanced shipping and logistics processes beyond what Dynamics offers out of the box and thus have had to look for expensive, third-party software solutions outside the Microsoft ecosystem to acquire the functionality they needed. However, there’s a catch: Integrating these solutions is generally expensive and version-specific, leaving end users at risk of breaking their integrations should they choose to upgrade their ERP software.

There is a better way to simplify logistics with Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Companies that deal with multi-mode, multi-temperature transportation can simplify their logistics processes with a solution that natively integrates with Dynamics ERPs. This solution also allows companies to outsource part, or even all of their logistics execution to our experts while enjoying the free flow of logistics data into their ERP software.

Dynamics TMS® is a complete enterprise transportation management planning and execution system that helps your shipping department choose the best carrier for each shipment. Using certified web service interfaces, integration with your Dynamics ERP is made simple, with direct connectivity to our managed transportation group that receives all orders from NAV or GP, determines the least cost carrier, books the load via Web Tender or EDI, posts and accrues charges upon shipping confirmation, audits and approves all freight bills, reverses the accrual and posts in detail to the G/L account, and finally creates an accounts payable transaction from within your ERP to process payment.

Rather than burden you with expensive legacy software, the managed services model of Dynamics TMS® delivers a broad range of functionality, is flexible and adaptable, and is very affordable. Often, companies see a full return on investment in a few months.

Our team of logistics experts has over 30 years of experience and can support every department in your organization, from customer service to sales and marketing, accounting, and upper management. Our transportation management technology, extensive carrier database and carrier network, and our host of value-added services ensure we can meet your every need.

What benefits do you gain from our Managed Services for Dynamics ERP?

  • Granular web services allow easy integration
  • Guaranteed upgrade path to accommodate future Dynamics releases
  • Low setup cost, affordable maintenance, and volume-sensitive billing
  • Access to expanded transportation provider database
  • Automated communications with transportation partners through Web Portal and EDI
  • Contract flexibility for in-house operations as required
  • Support from our logistics services group with over 30 years of experience

To find out how we can simplify your logistics operations, reduce costs, and help you benefit to the full from our expertise and expanded transportation network, contact us today.


By Next Generation Logistics | nextgenerationlogistics.com

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