A Dynamics ERP TMS Solution that Accurately Manages Every Step in the TMS Process

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Transportation Management Systems come in many shapes and sizes. Some focus on a specific need; others are focused on getting orders into the system, dispatching loads, and managing trade and transportation.

Dynamics TMS for Dynamics 365 ERP, by Next Generation Logistics, goes beyond the basic functionality to cover the entire order-to-cash process.

It manages purchase orders, transfer orders, and even sales orders – covering the front end and the back end.

What does that mean for you? Here is a scenario:

You book a load with the carrier. This initiates a complex workflow, first determining the most optimal transportation mode by taking into consideration any preferences you specified. At this point, we search all the transportation providers available for that specific origin-destination movement, both with APIs as well as with in-place tariffs. Once the desired provider is selected, the load is offered to the provider, who can then accept or reject the order via a web portal or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

In Dynamics TMS, we create a freight accrual. Freight accruals are a way to calculate and track shipment costs that haven’t been billed yet. It starts by setting a shipping estimate, along with a buffer to account for variances. Freight accruals are automatically generated after the TMS receives a ship confirmation from the ERP system.

Next, the system audits the invoice when it comes in. It can be received through EDI, a software integration, or as a paper invoice received in the mail and keyed in by the end user. The shipping estimates are compared with actual costs in order to settle payments.

With our TMS workflow in Microsoft Dynamics ERP you will know for sure that you are paying the correct amount on invoices.

If invoices are within established tolerances, the system automatically generates a purchase order invoice through your ERP solution (Dynamics 365 Finance or Dynamics 365 Business Central) for the outstanding charge from the freight payable system. Once paid, the TMS reverses the accrual and posts the payment in the General Ledger based on specific account codes. All of this occurs in the background and is 100% automated.

Dynamics TMS is an A-to-Z process that complements the Dynamics ERP system that you are using.

Other TMS systems that are out there – including some of the big guys – focus on bits and pieces, but they don’t provide a completely integrated software solution that complements Dynamics F&O or BC.

Often a CFO will say, “We have this great software package that we're spending a lot of money and time and effort on. But I still have people in the back keying in manual invoices, because there's no good way to get them into our system without violating a lot of GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) on the accounting side.”

Dynamics TMS can help with that. Also, we offer a Fit Gap Study where we do an ROI analysis before you make a final commitment to the package.

To learn how we can help you streamline and automate your logistics operations, contact us.

By Next Generation Logistics | nextgenerationlogistics.com

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