The benefits of fractional ownership for companies

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Fractional ownership has become a core strategy for companies looking to diversify their portfolios and increase their investment in hard assets/property. It refers to an investment in property/asset in which shareholders split ownership. The core benefit is the access to assets which a company would otherwise not be affordable.

If you don’t have experience with fractional ownership, you might be wondering if it’s worthy of the current hype, which is why we put together a guide to the common FAQs that companies ask. Before you dive into the nitty gritty, here are the 5 core benefits of fractional ownership for companies considering assets/property.

The benefits of fractional ownership for business


1.     Simplifies investing, saving time and expediting the decision process

Traditionally, large investments can create a lot of paperwork, but those entering fractional ownership agreements often benefit from existing documentation. This makes it easier to review terms and come to a decision.

2.     Cost-effective investment with high yields at low costs

Companies entering these agreements benefit from valuable assets with minimal investment. Often fractional ownership gives companies access to property/assets they could not otherwise afford.

3.     Predictable earnings provide a consistent income

Usually, fractional ownership is available on buildings already occupied by tenants with extended lease agreements that cover rent escalations and guarantee a steady income and return on investment.

4.       Diversification of portfolio across a variety of assets

Rather than investing in one asset/property, fractional ownership allows companies to grow and diversify their portfolios, keeping their options open and exploring the return on investment from different types of investments.

5.       Lowers risk and instability in uncertain markets

It’s been said that fractional ownership is the most reliable investment regarding safety, stability, and returns. Due to the predictable nature of returns, it offers companies a low-risk investment option in fluctuating markets.

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