See Top Supply Chain Tools for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance (AX) at September 27 Showcase Session

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Since 2020, the world has faced an unprecedented level of challenges. Maintaining sales and production levels while coping with the uncertainties of the supply chain has driven many to invest in technology that helps them keep pace with constant change.

Many have benefitted from already being on the solid platform of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, or its predecessor, Dynamics AX. However, some challenges require more than what Microsoft Dynamics provides out of the box.

Microsoft Dynamics World (MSDW) and ERP Software Blog have partnered to bring you a Supply Chain Tools Showcase.

This is a focused virtual event that will help you find high-quality add-ons that solve problems specifically for the supply chain industry and integrate fully with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance/AX solution you’re already using.

In this session, you will see detailed product demos from the following companies:

NMB Solutions. Developing solutions for Dynamics AX and 365 Supply Chain Management, NMB Solutions specializes in multi-carrier parcel and LTL shipping integration. They provide high volume parcel shipping, reduce shipping times, more efficient packing and shipping operations, reduced costs, shipping charge estimates to customers, and more. Now partnered with BluJay Solutions, one of the largest suppliers of worldwide supply chain and transport management software and services, they bring powerful parcel, logistics, and compliance services to the table, all integrated seamlessly into Dynamics AX/365.

Sana Commerce. Providing a first-class, fully integrated e-commerce platform that is tightly integrated with your Dynamics ERP, Sana Commerce believes in your ERP being the single source of truth and making sure your front-facing website always has the latest and most accurate data to display to your customers, whether in the B2B or B2C sector. Their solution features a Customer Portal, letting clients see their order history and pay invoices directly. Additionally, it allows for design changes and edits to be performed by the end-user, giving you further agility and cost savings. What is more, Sana is a revenue-generating platform. After implementation, users can expect to see a complete return on investment within 1-2 years.

SourceDay. Purpose-built to help manufacturers, distributors, and CPG brands keep Purchase Order changes updated in ERP, SourceDay facilitates real-time buyer and supplier collaboration. SourceDay connects to Microsoft ERPs and enables users to easily identify and take action on POs that are critical and require more attention, like unconfirmed or proposed PO changes. Instead of painfully sifting through spreadsheets to see which POs are already late or about to be late, SourceDay automatically notifies your suppliers and buyers to focus only on POs requiring action. Users love looking at three changes vs. manually filtering through 300 lines and trying to understand what changed. 52% of PO lines change based on price, quantity, and delivery date. SourceDay directs you to focus on resolving these changes efficiently while automatically processing the 48% of POs without changes. Additionally, buyers gain visibility into vital shipment data and delivery dates easily when suppliers enter ASNs into SourceDay. Users save 3 hours per day and over 30% of their time overall by automating these updates to their ERP and seeing shipping info such as quantity, lot number, tracking number, PO number, and more.

Strabo Partners. Price Plus, Strabo’s price management solution, gives you the ultimate flexibility in setting and managing pricing for your product listing in Dynamics 365 Finance. Go far beyond what the standard Dynamics 365 Trade Agreement functionality allows, selecting the fields you need to drive pricing. Prioritize which fields are important, and use different criteria for base prices, discounts, and multi-line discounts across purchasing and sales. You have in-depth insight and control over order charges, and you can assure margins by using the product base price as a baseline to calculate the final price. And, as a fully-integrated solution within Dynamics 365, you won’t have to use a separate app, manage integrations, set up a separate database, or pay for extra server space.

Next Generation Logistics. A technology-based supply chain solutions provider with over 30 years of hands-on experience, Next Generation Logistics offers Advanced Transportation Software, supporting efficiency and growth for organizations that want to gain a strategic advantage with proven supply chain concepts. Dynamics TMS is a complete enterprise transportation management planning and execution suite that enables shippers to rapidly manage their own inbound, outbound, and transfer freight. It allows users to manage Inbound and Outbound appointment/dock scheduling, along with tracking and tracing transportation movements to customers. Everything is done seamlessly and securely within a web collaboration portal. Powerful Transportation Dashboards deliver KPIs at a glance, and dynamic SQL SSRS reporting delivers the information you need, when you need it.

Watch Now

Don’t miss the virtual showcase! Find out more about these products designed to further streamline your supply chain interactions, from e-commerce to purchase order management, shipping solutions, and pricing management.

Watch now and don’t miss this opportunity to supercharge your Microsoft Dynamics ERP for the supply chain. 

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