D365 Finance & Operations or Business Central: Which Is the Right ERP for Your Business?

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If your organization is considering changing its financial management model, you may be wondering which solution is right for you: Business Central or D365 for Finance and Operations. In this article, we will compare the two solutions to help you make the best decision possible.

D365 Finance & Operations

D365 Finance & Operations Dashboard

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (previously Dynamics AX) is an ERP solution designed for medium-sized to large enterprises that deal with "end-to-end" operations (distribution, retail, production, warehousing) as well as extensive financial processes.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

business central dashboard

D365 Business Central is a cloud-based ERP designed for small and medium-sized organisations (previously NAV or Navision). Business Central is well suited for companies with less complex financial processes. Be careful; this does not mean that there is no room for large companies, but rather that its implementation model requires less technical and operational complexity.

Both ERP systems can be successfully integrated into various business scenarios. In the table below, we tell you the various possibilities so that whatever decision is made, you have all the clues. We have separated them into 4 blocks: Approach, technical characteristics, the interaction between companies, mobility:



D365 Business Central

D365 Finance and Operations (F&O)


  • ERP for medium and small companies. That covers all the management processes of the company.
  • Microsoft Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV) is the ERP for small and medium businesses.
  • It is a solution that allows you to manage accounting and finances, the entire supply chain, operations, and other company processes.  
  • ERP for large companies. 
  • Companies with exhaustive management processes in the area of ​​finance and with financial operations in many countries.
  • Microsoft F&O (formerly Dynamics AX) is the ERP solution for large companies and multinationals. Dynamics AX is a global solution that offers functions for the comprehensive management of operations at the international level of retail, manufacturing, professional services, and distribution companies.


Technical Characteristics

  • Number of users: 1+ up to 200 approx.
  • Companies with 1 to 200 employees approx.
  • The project team for implementations is usually smaller.
  • Relatively short implementation turnaround time (1-6 months).
  • Lower investment in implementation.
  • In addition to the standard implementation, a large number of plugins are available for additional functionality.
  • Business Central uses 80% of the core business logic, so it consumes fewer resources. There are many industry-specific out-of-the-box solutions available to shorten implementation time and enable a smaller implementation team.
  • Number of users: 200+
  • Companies with more than 200 employees.
  • Larger project teams are needed to cover total business processes.
  • Implementation response time between 6 to 9 months.
  • The standard solution itself already offers a large number of functions.
  • Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations uses 95% of the core business logic, making it a much more complex application when it comes to defining and managing projects.

Interaction between Companies.

  • Supports handling transactions differently between entities.
  • It is less suitable for use in international environments that require multiple locations. Although there are additional modules and plugins to support this.

  • It integrates seamlessly into different workplaces, including multinational or complex international environments with many transactions within the organization.
  • Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is localized for many countries, making it easy to deploy across multiple countries from a central setup (no additional plugins required).


  • Microsoft Office 365 is fully integrated. Microsoft SharePoint can also be used to further integrate your business processes. Business Central has an additional Outlook extension available to allow creating customers or sending quotes directly within Outlook to increase productivity.
  • Direct insights into the data that matters to you with Microsoft Power BI. Reports are easy to create and modify yourself.
  • And now you can add the power of AI with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning. Many of your vital processes, such as inventory forecasting, procurement, and financial processes, have much to gain from machine learning.
  • Microsoft PowerApps are fully integrated.

Business Central and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations are both powerful ERP solutions, but it is important to choose the one that is the best fit for your specific business.

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