How to keep businesses running smoothly with labor shortages

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Panel Discussion The Great Resignation

Did you know the number of job openings totaled a record 11.5 million at the end of March, according to the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey? 

That’s why I thought it would be great to have a panel discussion. Our line-up of speakers consisted of AvidXchange, Cavallo, commercebuild, and V-Technologies. Feel free to watch the recording but here’s a quick recap.  

4 key topics: 

  1. Operational efficiencies – I think we all want to reduce the waste of time, effort, and materials as much as possible, while still producing a high-quality service or product. But how can you do that when you lack people and resources?  
  2. Making jobs easier – How can we create simplicity and streamline processes? 
  3. Scaling your business – How can automation help? 
  4. Streamlining systems and processes – How do we make things simpler or more efficient and less manual? Which I think is a big one. Because we don’t want to make more work for your employees. 

Operational Efficiencies  

Operational efficiency has to include automation overwise you’re not reducing your resources. 

But on the flip side, you need the talent to keep it running. It’s the foundation, if you don’t do that, you’ll always be looking for people and always have turnover. 

Another important factor is only touching it if you have to. Automation should keep things moving and running smoothly. Put checks and balances in place to avoid doing something over and over again or having to fix it continuously. Give your employees the tools they need so they don’t need to search for data. 

Enabling the customers to self-serve.  Put more things into their hands so you don’t have to worry about labor shortages from that aspect. 

Making jobs easier 

Shorten the customer to cash cycle. The Amazon effect has increased the need to get things done faster and sooner. 

So, the shipping department needs insight as well as the front office to be in tune with what’s going on from the warehouse to customer service. 

Consumer grade UI means training requirements go down and the software is easy to use. You can get things up and running with less manual-intensive tasks. Systems need to talk to each other and these systems need to be easy to use.  

We should not only be making jobs easier but also be fulfilling. Enabling your employees to have the tools they need to be successful in their jobs and know what’s expected of them.  

Giving everyone insights, information, and data so we all know what’s going on.  Which helps when someone has left the company or is on vacation. 

With AP as a back-office function, job satisfaction is much higher when there’s an automated solution in place. 

The more manual processes the more turnover in your business


Scaling your business 

There are many ways to scale your business. Things such as: 

  • New product line or new market 
  • Enhance the amount of business with existing customers 
  • Expand and go places where you don’t have to hire a sales professional 

Thinks of ways you to get the lowest investment with the highest return. Being able to ship inexpensively and get it there quickly. Make sure you have the right tools to not only streamline but save you time and money. 

When you’re scaling and automating the back-office functions you can have fewer people there and more people focusing on the revenue-generating activities.  

Streamlining systems and processes 

We don’t want to just do the same laborious things every day. We don’t want to do all the manual tasks that can be automated.  

We want to be able to streamline systems and processes in each department. By doing so that means: 

  • Processing more orders means satisfied customers and increased revenue 
  • Setting up workflows so everything runs smoothly and efficiently 
  • Less typing and fewer steps with more automation 

What system you choose is also so important. Make sure it: 

  • can easily integrate with your accounting system 
  • is a long-standing solution  
  • is pretty easy to implement and use 

With labor shortages pick one area and one bottleneck at a time. Continue to have small to medium size wins that will keep moving your business in the right direction. 

To wrap it all up, listen to your employees who have ideas on how to streamline and how their job can be more efficient. Make sure what you’re buying is powerful software, not shelfware. There are many ways to keep businesses running smoothly with labor shortages. 

This was a powerful panel discussion and if you want to listen to the entire conversation, check out the recording. 

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