Demand Management for Distributors: What’s It Good For?

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Many tech product companies sell through distributors. Because of this, their value chain may stretch from finished product, to distributor, to electronic equipment manufacturer, to an appliance or product customer, and then to the final customer. If this sounds like your company, you know that you can’t afford to miss out on the demand signals up and down the entire value chain. But, there’s nothing in your ERP order-to-cash functionality that handles this. Now what?

Tensoft DemandOps is purpose-built to manage demand for tech product companies who sell through distributors. This SaaS application eliminates sales operations constraints; provides insight into what inventory distributors have on hand at any time; improves customer service; and allows inventory distributors to compare to forecast, providing them with an accurate overall view of demand.

Tensoft DemandOps provides seamless integration with Tensoft cloud apps and Microsoft Dynamics ERP, including Dynamics 365 Business Central. The infographic below shows how it can help your business.

What Tensoft DemandOps Can Do for You


Demand management for distributors


Do you need to stratify order channels across sales operations? Or, integrate your distributor POS (point of sale) data? What about managing price guarantees, stock rotation support, and credit management for sales to specific customers? It’s in there.

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This solution is now available as a subscription. To learn more, please visit, or contact [email protected] or 408.824.9301.

By Caprice Murray, Tensoft, a Silicon Valley-based Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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