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The way we work has changed dramatically. Many companies have chosen or been forced to elect remote working. Remote working was not an option a decade ago. But now, instant connectivity makes it a viable alternative for many businesses. There are definitely advantages, but there are also challenges associated with remote working. How can workflow automation help your business increase productivity and ensure employee satisfaction?

To understand how automation can improve employee engagement and satisfaction, let’s examine specific issues and challenges remote workers face.

Common challenges: collaboration, accuracy, security, redundancy

The ability to share and edit documents instantly is a tremendous advantage. Teamwork and collaboration, which are more important than ever, have become easier than ever. Talented individuals can be brought together on projects no matter where they are located.

However, teams transitioning from paper processes and manual document hand-offs to computers, spreadsheets, and the cloud, could experience challenges. As the remote workforce grows, the potential for problems could increase.

For example, entering data manually carries the potential for critical mistakes. Visibility into real-time invoice processing and approvals is limited, as team members email documents between individuals and groups. And the risk of redundancy is exponentially high, as multiple workers view and edit the same documents.

You might also worry about security as workers share documents back and forth over unsecured channels. With sensitive financial data such as account numbers and PINs, there is a very real threat of data breaches.

These and other challenges may contribute to frustration, anxiety, and job dissatisfaction among remote workers. When you overcome these challenges with workflow automation, you’ll go a long way toward a more productive and happier workforce.

How automation can help

Calling employees back into the office is not the way to address the challenges of collaboration, accuracy, security, and redundancy. Consider how automation can help. We think you’ll find that remote working can be the better option. Strategically applied automation addresses all of the issues:

Faster business processes

Traditional invoice processing can be slow and labor-intensive. From manual data entry to individual review and approval, the steps are tedious and time-consuming. A backlog of accounts payable causes stress, leads to unnecessary fees, and may even affect your company’s reputation.

Automation will handle many of the tedious, time-consuming aspects of invoice processing. It can help your team stay on top of things and deliver timely payments and approvals.

Increased accuracy

Inaccuracy in payment documents can be disastrous. And although the process of verifying information is straightforward, it can be labor-intensive. First, mistakes must be recognized, hopefully before the information is sent on. Even minor human errors could snowball, waste time and valuable resources, and jeopardize your company’s reputation.

Automation solutions such as PairSoft’s intuitive OCR remove the burden of information verification from workers by automatically comparing data from multiple documents. This frees workers to allocate their skills and time elsewhere while ensuring that payments are accurate and complete.


Sharing documents with remote co-workers and others may expose your information to potential security threats, especially if the information is sensitive. Cybercrime is a very real issue that can compromise client data and destroy your company’s reputation.

That’s why it’s vital to protect your data. Automation offers a way to ensure that only those with authorization will have access to your information. PairSoft features automatic document encryption, data annotation, and redaction during each phase of a document’s life, including storage and transmission. You and your clients will breathe easier knowing that you have ensured against security breaches.

Data capture

Manual payment entry is time-consuming and error-prone. Most businesses have moved away from manual, paper-based models, especially those employing remote teams.

Automation captures data through various hardware and software solutions, automatically filling the appropriate forms with the correct information. Automatic data population mitigates the possibility of human error and saves considerable time.

Time management

Traditional document sharing methods (mailing, faxing, emailing, etc.) can lead to bottlenecks and siloed information, adding expense to your projects. Even simple tasks, such as collecting necessary signatures, can be tedious and time-consuming and may lead to duplication of effort.

Sharing documents among several remote workers could lead to redundancy. With automation, however, that problem can be addressed and eliminated. Automation can track changes, filter information, and identify redundancy, making it easy to avoid or correct.

Accounts payable automation benefits are plentiful and varied. Modern problems, including those related to remote work, require modern solutions. Automation addresses the challenges faced by remote teams and provides solutions.

With workflow automation software that delivers cutting-edge accounts payable tools to those transitioning to remote positions, life outside of the office can be more productive, engaging, and enjoyable. When the happiness of your remote team is in question and hurdles are popping up left and right, automation will transform the way you work.

If you’re ready for workflow automation that will increase productivity and employee satisfaction, contact our experts at PairSoft and ask for a demo.

PairSoft provides robust AP automation, document management, procurement, and fundraising automation platforms for mid-market and enterprise companies with integrations to your ERP system. With award-winning financial automation solutions, PairSoft enables business-wide efficiency and collaboration so you can focus on what matters.

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