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Many businesses outsource their payroll processing. But have you ever wondered if there are benefits to bringing it in-house? We believe that not only can your company process payroll in-house but there are compelling reasons to do so. And with today’s technology and best practices, it’s easier than ever.

Outsourcing payroll processes can be costly, inefficient, and risky. It’s time to consider running your payroll in-house. Greenshades can help. From calculating pay to managing overtime and garnishments, Greenshades has your payroll covered on Dynamics 365 Finance.

We are committed to providing your team with the tools, resources, and expertise to run your payroll in-house.

What business owners are saying

The American Payroll Association (APA) publishes the latest in payroll industry trends. The APA 2021 Survey of Salaries and the Payroll Profession asked business owners a series of questions.  They were asked if they planned to move any of their payroll processing in-house in the future. Their responses were noteworthy.   Of the organizations that currently outsource their payroll processing, 6% said they plan to bring some or all of it in-house in the future. That represents an increase of nearly 2% since 2019. More and more businesses recognize the financial, operational, and compliance benefits of managing their own payroll.

To help make that goal a reality, Greenshades’cloud-based payroll platform integrates with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution. Greenshades offers a comprehensive suite of services, tailored to meet the specific needs of each organization.  And our goal is to provide a compelling combination of simplicity, transparency, and compliance. Automating your payroll processes will let even small payroll teams meet the needs of their employees.

The respondents also revealed why they were interested in bringing their payroll processing in-house:

  • 71.4% cited system integration
  • 60.7% selected customer service
  • 53.6% mentioned flexibility
  • 46.4% specified cost
  • 46.6% said it was a management decision.

The above-mentioned results indicate the ever-changing landscape of the payroll industry. Greenshades can help you to keep up with the advances. Remain productive and compliant as you better serve your company’s employees.

The survey clearly showed that business owners want control over their payroll processes. Outsourcing your payroll to a provider makes you dependent on them to hold your funds and make your payments on time. What happens if they have significant errors, outages, or schedule delays?  Bringing payroll in-house, with a versatile, intuitive platform integrated with your other financial systems, allows complete control.

Some other benefits

A major concern with any accounting process is compliance. That’s true for payroll services too. It’s critical to choose an application with built-in compliance tools. Greenshades for Microsoft Dynamics ERP is compliant to the core at local, state, and federal levels. Automation greatly decreases the risk of user error. Your team will find the Greenshades interface familiar and intuitive, and that will make their payroll processing chores faster and easier.

As the world faces an uncertain economic landscape, a solution that increases agility and gives you more direct control of your payroll processes and dollars will certainly be beneficial.

Check out our blog, 4 Reasons to Manage Payroll In-House with Greenshades.

‍Greenshades is committed to providing you with the tools and resources to run your payroll in-house.

For more information about the benefits of managing your payroll in-house, contact our payroll experts at Greenshades and ask for a demo.

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