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Simon Sinek, Optimist and Author at Simon Sinek Inc., has devoted his life to inspiring others to do great things.

With a vision to change the way businesses think, act, and operate, Simon and his team work with leaders and organizations in nearly every industry. Their goal is to help transform company culture and create a happier and more productive workplace.

Sinek’s Golden Circle theory uses research and neuroscience to understand how leading organizations communicate their value propositions to the public.

The TED Talk that explains the theory will be of interest to any company involved in sales.

Here’s a link to the Golden Circle talk:

Simon Sinek: Golden Circle Speech - TED Talk

The Golden Circle theory for organizations comprises three concentric circles: Why, How, and What. Most companies can describe what they do, for instance, selling cars or installing ERP solutions.  And most companies can tell you how they go about their business. But Sinek suggests that few companies can state clearly why they get up each morning excited to go to work.

That is the why component of the Golden Circle. Companies must identify it if they hope to grow their brand and their business and find satisfaction in their work. And it’s not just about the paycheck.

At HandsFree, we identify our Why in terms of specific products we have developed. A good example is Insite, our ERP Productivity Analysis Tool.

What does Insite do?

Insite analyzes the productive use of ERP software platforms.

How does Insite do that?

Insite analyzes ERP usage and identifies Shadow ERP elements and their usage in relation to the ERP platform. Shadow ERP represents the unseen workarounds and disparate software components designed to do much of the work promised (but rarely delivered adequately) by the ERP. This data is critical in assessing costs and productivity for ERP software platforms.

Why Insight?

ERP software is very complex. It can also be time-consuming and expensive when it comes to maintenance, upgrades, and replacements. Added to the woes are the majority of ERP projects that fail to live up to their promises. Many projects come in over time, over budget, failing to deliver optimal functionality, and falling short in user adoption.

Insite is the first tool designed specifically to reverse the epidemic of failed ERP implementation projects. It can determine which elements of your ERP system your team actually uses and how they interact with all your other tools and processes.

With tools like Insite and an intentional process for guiding and supporting effective user behavior, your whole IT infrastructure comes to light.

Next steps

Check out the power of Insite!

Let us analyze your current ERP software and give you the data needed to maintain, upgrade, or replace your ERP platform successfully. We’ll provide data, not opinions.

We’re proud of Insite. It’s one of the reasons we get up each morning excited to go to work.

Discover how your team can mitigate the risk of costly ERP software project failure by talking to us about Insite!

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