It’s All About Who You Know: Connected Relationships in AEC Software

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Architecture, engineering, and construction firms work on two fronts: bringing in new business and keeping existing customers satisfied and loyal. Technology can help with this, but you have to understand how to apply that technology in order for it to help you build a Connected Firm. In this blog article,  just one in a series on the Connected Firm, let’s take a deep dive into the role of Connected Relationships in AEC Software.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. We’ve all heard that phrase before. If you work for a professional services firm, you know this couldn’t be more accurate. If you work for an AEC firm, these are words you should live by! Your AEC ERP software should support Connected Relationships.

Strong Relationships Drive Sales for AEC Firms

The majority of your clients in this industry have additional business opportunities that could very well be your next project. If you want to win the work, you really need to know the prospective client: commercial clients have favored designers; local government engineering departments have their “go to” consultants.

How do you get access to these opportunities without a current relationship with the prospect? How do you go about getting an introduction to get things started?

Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM): It’s What it’s All About

Even if you don’t know the prospect personally, you likely know someone who does. Your connections might be well connected! You have internal relationships with co-workers and external relationships with your business contacts. Either might know the prospect and are perfect sources to get that warm introduction you need. It’s easy to tap into those existing relationships to develop new ones, if your AEC ERP software has Enterprise Relationship Management.

Uncover your best internal connections. An Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) system tells you who in your organization currently has the best relationship with any given contact. Data is collected about your co-workers contacts and what type of contact they are making. The screenshot below is from aec360’s Enterprise Relationship Management application. It shows that Gary Mills is your best source for an introduction to Mark Becker. Based on the type and frequency of contact, Gary Mills is the co-worker with the highest relationship score.

Tap Into Your Best External Connections

A well designed and user focused ERM system will go an extra step and deliver direct access to your external network, typically LinkedIn. The user clicked on the menu option “Sales Navigator” in the following aec360 screenshot. The aec360 ERM application automatically directs them to LinkedIn’s page for Mark Becker. Mutual connections are shown in the Get Introduced tab. In addition, you will find tabs for Icebreakers and Related Leads. From this screen, the user can reach out to any of their contacts requesting an introduction.

Learn Who You Need to Know with Enterprise Relationship Management

Bottom line, relationships drive sales. Leveraging your current relationships is the best route for developing a relationship with a new prospect. If your AEC ERP software has a resourceful Enterprise Relationship Management system, such as aec360, it will help you see which internal AND external connections will help you get a warm introduction to the prospect. With that introduction, you can now develop that new relationship and all the new business opportunities that come with it!

You, too can have a connected firm with aec360. Let us show you how in our on-demand webinar, How to Achieve a Connected AEC Firm with Dynamics 365 and aec360.

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