Inventory Forecasting & Replenishment Webinar for Microsoft ERP

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Are you a Wholesale Distributor that is having a challenge with forecasting and replenishing your inventory?  Your inventory, as you know, is your most costly asset.  Technology is now available for most versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV (and other ERP solutions) to dramatically decrease your inventory carrying cost.  Knowing that your inventory is such a valuable asset to your organization, it makes sense to have the best technology solutions available to ensure proper and efficient supply chain management.  Continue reading about how to learn more and attend a free Inventory Forecasting & Replenishment Webinar for Microsoft ERP.

When it comes to inventory management there are so many things you cannot control these days. How well your demand planning and replenishment system can dynamically adjust to the unexpected during uncertain times has never been more important.

Lanham Associates® provides supply chain business value to mid-market distributors and manufacturers by streamlining operations, cutting costs, and increasing overall productivity. Specialists in distribution and Microsoft Dynamics right from the start, Lanham prides itself in creating and implementing quality software and services that improve customers’ business processes. With Lanham solutions, you can start anywhere and grow based on your needs since all apps are designed to work together.

Register for a Free Webinar by iCepts Technology and Lanham Associates called: Taking Control of Inventory Forecasting & Replenishment in Tough Times. In this insightful presentation, we’ll provide a basic overview of Lanham’s Demand Planning system, focusing on how its functionality can help optimize your inventory in these challenging times including:

  • How important Inventory Forecasting and Replenishment are for both Distributors and Manufacturers.
  • What Exactly is Demand Planning and how can it help my organization?
  • Cost-saving associated with dramatically Reducing Inventory Carrying Cost.
  • What is Machine Learning and what is the best Forecasting Option?
  • Integration with Microsoft ERP and other systems.
  • Hub and Spoke Replenishment.
  • Production and Assembly Planning.
  • And More! Register Today!

Next Steps:

Register for the July 13th Webinar: Taking Control of Inventory Forecasting & Replenishment in Tough Times

Read a current post called 7 Signs you need a Demand Planning System

Posted by iCepts Technology Group, Inc. a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support Partner in Pennsylvania.


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