How to increase the maximum records for SmartLists in Dynamics GP

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How to in Dynamics GP

When you use a GP SmartList with more than 1,000 records, you can click the Search button and change the Maximum Records field to a larger number, then save your changes by creating a favorite with the new Maximum Records. Those are a lot of steps. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could change the Maximum Records permanently?

You can do this!

Here are the steps and quick how to guide so you don’t have to repeatedly change the maximum records.

  1. Click Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | System | SmartList Options.
  2. Select the Category. The selections available for Category are the SmartLists that you see as the secondary folder as shown below.  In my example, I am changing the default SmartList for Account Transactions
  3. Edit the number of Maximum Records to a higher number
  4. Click OK.

SmartList for Dynamics GPGP SmartList Options









As you can see in this screen shot➡️, there are several other things you can do in this window.

You can:

  • change the default columns on the SmartList
  • change the order of the columns
  • make some selections for the search defaults

You won’t see each of your individual SmartList Favorites in this window. Any new SmartList favorite you create from the default that you change will have the larger number of Maximum Records automatically.

Use the SmartList Options window to select the SmartList default settings that determine which columns are visible for specific SmartList favorites.

To set up SmartList options:

  1. Open the SmartList Options window.
    (Administration >> Setup >> System >> SmartList Options)
  2. Select the category to designate default options for.
  3. For each category, select a default Go To window and set the maximum number of records that you want a search to return.
  4. For each category, select the columns to be displayed in the SmartList window by marking the check boxes. Change their order by selecting a column and using the move buttons to move it up or down. Choose Default to restore the original settings.
  5. Specify the default settings for search case sensitivity.
  6. Choose OK to save your changes.
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