Optimize your warehouse productivity with Directed Putaway

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Optimize your warehouse productivity with Directed PutawayWhen it comes to developing a warehouse plan for your business, you definitely want to spend time strategizing a plan for a put-away process. This system is responsible for moving goods from the dock to the most optimal storage location in a warehouse facility. But how can one ensure that the newly implemented process will deliver on its promise that is of increasing warehouse productivity?

What Is Directed Putaway?

When you’re in a rush or you’ve had a long day, you likely fling your keys in the first decent spot, only to struggle to remember where you put them the next day. With a directed putaway process, the WMS tells you exactly where to store your goods at the moment when they enter goods in the warehouse.

In other words, a directed putaway process saves warehouses time, and money, and reduces all kinds of unfortunate scenarios involving damaged, lost, or stolen goods. Similarly, benefiting from a directed putaway process is not as simple as conceding its helpfulness. You have to do a little upfront work or at least someone from your team does.

Top benefits that will optimize warehouse productivity:

Optimize the warehouse layout

WMS will choose the putaway locations that optimize the layout of the warehouse. This helps to improve traveling time and optimize routes through the warehouse so that the picking process will improve, optimization of picking and fulfillment processes.

Boosts high volume items stock

With this putaway process, high-density items can be allotted to be put away asap, so that they never go out of stock. This practice avoids searching around for items that are just entering the warehouse. With no disruption or delay, you can reach out to the standard products that are available for picking.

Location of high volume products

Directed putaway can ensure that standard products are directed to stores in high traffic picking areas. It means that standard items are all located near each other. This practice minimizes travel time for pickers and again boosts up the picking process and optimizes productivity.

Expediting putaway

This WMS feature i.e., directed putaway can direct staff to put away straight to a final location, rather than using a staging area to unload deliveries first. This means less congestion and more efficient use of space in the warehouse. Also, it shows less handling of products, which means no errors occur during this optimization process. With expedited putaway functionality, items are ready and in stock for picking as required.

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