Solving the Top Time Tracking Problem for the Professional Services Industry

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In our last article, we highlighted a major problem for professional service firms: consistent and efficient usage of tools to capture time. This results in lost revenues from uncounted hours, or in overcharging the customer. It can also negatively impact reporting and decision-making.

Now we’ll learn a bit about how our solution, TiM – Time is Money, stands out from other time tracking and capturing products and helps you bill your clients with accuracy and confidence.

First, it’s not quite right to call TiM a time and billing solution. Why?

TiM doesn’t handle billing. It provides all the captured time data for Microsoft Dynamics ERP so that it can handle the invoicing. TiM doesn’t do reporting either; that’s where Microsoft Power BI shines as part of the integrated system.

It’s for these reasons we call TiM a time capture solution.

The key to TiM’s usefulness is its simple, easy, and logical interface. It makes it so natural to track time you almost can’t forget to do it.

Instead of using the same, worn-out concept of a spreadsheet for tracking time, TiM goes straight to where you naturally track time: in Microsoft Outlook. Almost everyone uses Outlook for their emails (to set appointments) and their calendar (to track those appointments and block off time.) So why shouldn’t you be able to capture time while you’re in that mode?

By making time capture so easy and natural, your team members will no longer view it as a chore. What before took maybe 2 and a half hours of worry and stress to compile every week might now only take 15 minutes over the course of the week, entered in as it happens.

Another added benefit is that TiM helps you track time that is normally forgotten, such as the time spent making phone calls, sending emails, and all the other busywork that is part of a project. Doing so helps you to see how much time you really spend on a client’s project – and bill them for it! New TiM users have seen a 7% to 10% increase in billing – and you can take that to the bank.

Worried that the client might question the accuracy of their bill? TiM also maintains a full audit trail to provide answers to any customer inquiries.

Have you found time capture to be a challenge? Are you worried you could be unknowingly leaving unbilled hours on the table? Learn more about TiM and watch our videos, then contact us to talk about how you can make time capture easy in your office.

By Peter Joeckel, HandsFree,

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