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More and more businesses now distribute goods and services worldwide.  So modern manufacturers must have an effective system for inventory management, shipping, and tracking.  Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (365SCM) and cloud and edge scale units help global businesses achieve supply chain accuracy and efficiency.

High-quality scanners connected to the inventory management system allow organizations to manage warehouse activities across geographies and time zones.

Global businesses adopting standard GS1 barcoding can trace their products wherever they move.  The visibility achieved by data-rich, quickly scanned barcodes has transformed warehouse management and delivery tracking.

Smart warehouse management

In addition to managing manufacturing and distribution across varied locations, global organizations must also have round-the-clock capabilities.  They need uninterrupted access to their critical business processes and data and the flexibility to scale with changing circumstances.

Global interaction brings with it the challenge of regular or periodic maintenance for various systems across time zones or locations.   Organizations can seamlessly execute their mission-critical warehousing and manufacturing processes with cloud and edge scale units.

Cloud and edge scale units

Cloud and edge scale functionality are offered with Cloud Scale Unit Add-ins for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Edge Scale Unit Add-ins for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.

These units build resilience into your supply chain by providing dedicated capacity for your manufacturing and warehouse execution processes.

All you need is a Dynamics 365 supply chain management hub and a scale unit deployed with warehouse management workload.  This hybrid architecture enables users to distribute manufacturing and warehousing workloads across on-premises and Azure Cloud computing infrastructures.

All the scale units are connected to the cloud's enterprise-wide supply chain management hub.  This makes all the necessary data available to stakeholders, from suppliers to end-users.

How cloud and edge scale units improve efficiency

Businesses with warehouse operations in multiple geographical locations and different time zones must work efficiently to meet their customers' demands.  The hybrid architecture of cloud and edge scale units with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management helps to achieve this.

This hybrid model allows interruption-free operations even when disconnected temporarily from the cloud.  It is particularly valuable for users struggling with connectivity when running their operations in remote facilities.

Barcoding for increased accuracy and efficiency

Using barcodes for warehouse management is an inexpensive, user-friendly, and effective business application that allows users to track a wealth of relevant data from pricing to inventory.  Barcoding with GS1 standard eliminates the need for manual data input at various stages and is a new feature in Dynamics 365SCM.

Users can now scan the GS1 barcode throughout the manufacturing and distributing process to instantly retrieve necessary information about a product or shipment.  A single scan accurately delivers all the required information

With GSI barcoding, organizations can access crucial information about each product's constituent materials, expiry period, location, price, and more.  You can customize barcodes to contain any information associated with your company or product.  Barcoding also allows the accurate and real-time tracking of supplies and products and streamlines warehouse space management.

Visibility and traceability in the supply chain

Visibility and traceability are crucial.  With GS1 barcoding, businesses can achieve transparency throughout the supply chain and gain insights into all the locations where their product stops along the way.  Barcodes enable manufacturers, warehouse managers, shippers, and retailers to automatically identify and track products and materials as they move through the supply chain.

The serial shipping container code (SSCC), an 18-digit number, is beneficial in identifying logistics units.  SSCC is often encoded using the GS1 format, ensuring accurate and secure eCommerce transactions.

GS1 barcoding helps global eCommerce enterprises of all sizes (Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, etc.) accurately identify, market, and deliver their products. Major shippers such as UPS, FedEx, and other multinational businesses also use GS1 barcodes.

Modern warehouses must have an effective barcoding system with high-quality scanners connected to the inventory management system.  Cloud and edge scale units provide dedicated capacity for warehouse execution processes, allowing businesses to build resilience into their supply chain.  All this is possible with the Microsoft Dynamics 365SCM platform with cloud and edge scale units.

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