Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit vs. Serenic Navigator

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When it comes to business technology such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions, nonprofits face a unique set of challenges.  Generally speaking, they are less focused on stakeholder’ revenue and more concerned with community improvement.  Their resources may be limited and their budgets tight.  Keeping up with the latest technology could be a struggle.  Their ERP solution must include features that meet their particular needs.  Microsoft Cloud for Non-Profit and Serenic Navigator are two of the best choices.

Nonprofits’ unique requirements

Nonprofits need all the features regularly used by other organizations, but they also require more.  Laws and regulations governing nonprofits call for unique accounting software to effectively manage processes and assure compliance.  Also, nonprofits need to maintain financial transparency if they hope to attract donors.

Nonprofit organizations evaluating financial management solutions need to choose wisely.  Look at the cost of the software, the available features, and the reliability of the software partner.  Also, the type and size of the nonprofit must be considered when selecting the right ERP solution.

Two robust accounting software systems help nonprofits manage finances efficiently, meet compliance requirements, and maintain transparency.

Serenic Navigator

Cloud-based Serenic Navigator has unique features designed to meet the needs of nonprofits.  Powered by Microsoft 365 Business Central (BC), Serenic Navigator enables organizations to take advantage of Microsoft Office integration.  Microsoft Dynamics 365BC’s scalable and stable foundation provides accounting software with financial management capabilities.  Nonprofits can integrate core functionality with sector-specific functionality in a single solution.  This improves the nonprofit’s financial performance visibility, accountability, and productivity while reducing data redundancy related to separate systems.

Serenic Navigator includes all the accounting elements plus nonprofit-specific features such as fundraising, compliance, activity tracking, reports, data exchange with stakeholders, and secure document storage in the cloud.

Nonprofits can eliminate human errors and achieve budgeting accuracy.  A familiar interface makes navigation easy.  Robust reporting options facilitate data analysis.  BI and analytics help users make sense of data.  Serenic Navigator can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit is the newest offering from Microsoft.  It is designed for fundraisers, volunteer managers, program managers, and other roles unique to nonprofit organizations.  It brings the power of the Microsoft stack to common nonprofit requirements.  The solution addresses nonprofits’ most urgent challenges, including donation and award management, constituent relationship management and analytics, volunteer management, BI, collaboration, and much more.

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit consolidates data for optimal use in accelerating mission goals.  Harnessing the power of various Microsoft cloud products, Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit is built on a platform that provides the most reliable security and helps to meet compliance needs.

Nonprofits can centralize and share data, better engage with supporters and volunteers, and correlate programs and fundraising data.  The volunteer engagement portal lets volunteers create profiles and view their assignment details.

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit vs. Serenic Navigator

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit costs a bit more than Serenic Navigator.  Serenic Navigator is feature-rich and offers a broad suite of integrated software products for managing nonprofit accounting and financials.  Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit is a product of Microsoft, one of the world’s most successful makers of software for small and midsize businesses.

If your organization is researching accounting and management software, contact our experts at Korcomptenz.  Let’s talk about which solution would be best for your nonprofit.

Korcomptenz is a Microsoft gold certified partner that combines technical skills and industry experience to offer robust business management solutions to global businesses, including nonprofits.

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