How Business Central helps to overcome Supply Chain Disruptions?

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How Business Central helps to overcome Supply Chain Disruptions?The pandemic has caused serious worldwide store network interruption at a huge scope because of concurrent limitations and lockdowns in numerous nations. It has placed tension on organizations and will do as such. It has constrained them to totally reconsider their inventory anchors and rehash them to satisfy the fluctuating buyer needs. Organizations need to defeat such horrendous occasions by being more adaptable and coordinated. They should construct a framework that is strong and tough. This framework ought to be innovation-driven with capacities to help and conquer such difficulties later on. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a platform that suits this necessity totally. It is a platform that leverages technological advancements. Let us look at how it can help businesses overcome the challenges they might face due to supply chain disruptions.

How does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central help overcome Supply Chain Disruptions?

End to End Visibility

Business Central provides a unified view of the business that can help make strategic decisions based on the marketing trends. Any fluctuations could be handled quickly and efficiently, thereby reducing the negative impact they may cause. This end-to-end visibility of all the business processes is valuable for the company to make critical decisions quickly.

Data Analytics and Insights

Business Central carries information about all divisions on a single platform. It allows the partners to get basic information across offices and across different areas to be accessible continuously. Since all the data is available on a single platform, data management and data analysis become easy and productive. Also, it can help a business make quick decisions, gain more flexibility, and provide better customer service. Also, as it is cloud-based, the data is available and accessible at any time and from anywhere.

Simpler Multi-location management

Each location has precise requirements. Each will have different stock management procedures, may somewhat vary in the products they offer, various accounting and tax assessment rules relying upon their geographic area, numerous cash dealings, and so on. Also, it means the companies would require a system that would make multi-location management compact and simple. Whereas, Business Central can help efficiently manage the variances as it can help to automate many processes and configure them for efficient multi-location management.

Vendor Management

Dynamics 365 Business Central has a vendor management module that assists businesses in ensuring timely payments, placing orders, tracking vendor supplies, and various other aspects related to vendor management.

It offers multiple features like capabilities to:

  • Create a purchase invoice
  • Creation of a request for a quote for your vendor and can, later on, convert it into a purchase order
  • Create a purchase invoice
  • Automatically create a credit memo for unpaid purchase invoices
  • Create a purchase credit memo
  • Convert electronic invoices from your vendors to purchase invoices within Business Central

Handling Supply Chain fluctuations

Businesses have to keep a constant eye on the product stocks and plan their supply chain schedules according to consumer demands. If a fast-selling item is not available or a slow-moving product is sitting on the shelf, the company loses out on revenue. Also, they needed constant intelligence about their SKUs, and that too for all the locations.

Business Central tracks the product stocks flying off the shelves and can also provide intelligence about those that experience reduced demands. Based on these real-time insights, businesses can adjust their supply chain and manage the supplies even in a multi-location setup.

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