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The Internet of Things (IoT) describes how things embedded with technologies connect with other devices over various communications networks. IoT is revolutionizing many industries, and nowhere is that more evident than in IoT for manufacturing. Today’s technology can extract business value from previously hidden data. It can help manufacturers connect directly with customers. It can track devices, analyzing their performance to create new business models and value streams. The extent of IoT applications is virtually limitless.

But some small and midsized manufacturers are overwhelmed by IoT and its many possibilities. It can be a challenge knowing where to start, what technology is required, and how it will impact your business. Starting small is a great strategy. Technology and processes can scale over time, and you can make additional investments when it makes the most sense for your organization. Once the initial system runs smoothly, you can add to it as your business grows.

Azure IoT for data security

IoT has the potential to expose vulnerable areas in device control and data privacy, so security should be a priority. That shouldn’t discourage manufacturers from exploiting the many benefits of IoT to enhance their business operations. It just means that you must manage your assets skillfully.

To that end, it’s important to choose technology partners carefully. Microsoft designs the highest security features into all its products and services. Microsoft’s Azure IoT is built with an end-to-end commitment to maintaining control of your data, devices, and applications. When your machines and assets are equipped with data collection sensors, they can connect with other business systems to send and receive actionable insights. Then your devices or processors can act on the data by discrete decisions or in an automated way triggered by a specific set of conditions.

IoT benefits any business

With IoT, you can harness the equipment you already have and use it to gather insight-revealing data that benefits your organization. Here are eight IoT features that can bring real value to your business:

  • Remote Monitoring:  Data captured from devices allows you to monitor performance and improve business systems.
  • Predictive maintenance: You can analyze the performance and condition of your equipment and anticipate required maintenance.
  • Connected supply chain:  Real-time insight will facilitate greater efficiency, higher quality, and reduced loss across your entire supply chain.
  • Facilities management: IoT allows you to manage all your equipment, buildings, and assets to reduce waste, optimize efficiency, and drive productivity.
  • Operational Excellence:  Operational data collected and analyzed in real-time and over time will give you an accurate picture of your processes.
  • Connected Products: With IoT, you can transition from selling products to selling outcomes. Improved customer engagement and service quality will transform your business.
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency: You can optimize the performance of your machinery, processes, and production lines by ensuring efficient operations relative to the designed capacity.
  • Precision Farming: Monitor, manage, and maximize resources such as land, water, etc., by collecting data that enables forward-thinking decisions for yield optimization.

IoT is for organizations of every size. IoT makes all your devices smart devices, and it will help all your teams work smarter.

Commit to a data-centric organization

Data and its strategic use are fundamental to the success of any business. A company culture valuing data collection, access, privacy, and security will affect employees and management alike. They will tune into the information captured by your IoT devices and sensors. The appreciation and collaboration around data will cut across teams, functions, and lines of business. Data is the lifeblood of IoT; you'll realize its total value when all your business units are on board. Data value grows exponentially when business units coordinate and share.

At Korcomptenz, we can help you navigate IoT to help your manufacturing business create a smoother, more impactful customer experience. Contact our experts at Korcomptenz and let us show you how you can start experiencing the benefits of IoT.

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