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At Greenshades, we don’t just focus on getting your payroll done; we focus on integration and compliance. It’s critical to get your employee exemptions, deductions, and benefits right, and with automated codes, these items can be updated automatically. Each time an employee fills out a new W-4 or enrolls in a new benefits program, Greenshades updates their profile accordingly. Also, the solution allows employees to enter timesheets and time-off requests quickly without the need for data conversion.

With the Greenshades integrated payroll solution, you can complete pay runs and see the tax implications instantly. This allows you to take care of any tax liability and file all your returns accurately and on time. With the focus on automation and integration, all your processes work together without tedious and error-prone duplicate data entry.

Compliance for surety

Compliance must be the highest priority for any payroll system. With proprietary data input, taxes will be assigned automatically depending on the job location site and the employee’s residence. When hours logged seem inconsistent with the norm, an alert is triggered asking if a timesheet might be missing. You can easily configure complex garnishment and overtime codes. Ongoing updates allow users to identify and address concerns during processing and adjust the master record as necessary.

Conversions with confidence

There’s no such thing as a minor math error when it comes to your payroll processes. Even minimal errors create huge headaches for your team and your business. Greenshades will run your conversions. Program for twice-monthly deductions and Greenshades will adjust automatically for months with fewer or extra pay periods. If overtime is a consideration, Greenshades will automatically figure overtime rates based on jurisdictional guidelines. Enter time in hours and minutes or hours and decimals as you prefer. Our goal is to make payroll processing as straightforward, accurate, and efficient as possible.

Earning codes simplified

Are you juggling a lot of different earning codes: master codes, overtime codes, bonus codes, PTO codes, etc.? Finding and entering each code wastes a lot of time, but worse, it presents opportunities for errors. The Greenshades solution will simplify your coding by automatically creating derivative earning codes and adjusting them according to employee pay changes. The result is less work and more accuracy.

Time-entry errors avoided

What if an employee forgets to post their timesheet or makes a mistake on their hours? The Greenshades payroll platform will automatically compare each employee’s hours and earnings to the previous payroll run, flagging the differences. You’ll proactively identify errors and prevent the problems they would cause. Make sure all your employees are paid accurately and promptly.

Fully integrated payroll

For more than 15 years, Greenshades has navigated the complex world of payroll modules and compliance regulations. That experience has culminated in the Greenshades Payroll Platform, a modern, cloud-hosted solution that includes the best features for your payroll needs. Our ERP-agnostic platform is customizable, adaptable, and compliant at the core, so you can be sure every payroll run is on time and complete. Get the cure for your payroll headaches.

If you’d like to know more about Greenshades Payroll Platform and how it can make your payroll processing fast, easy, and accurate, contact our experts at Greenshades.

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