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Retailers must embrace rapid change to compete in a world where customer expectations have never been higher. The stakes are high, and brands that struggle to keep up face shuttered stores and bankruptcy. The following resources will help leaders prioritize where to invest time and money to build a solid financial backbone to support even the most aggressive expansion operations. These topics may not be the most glamorous aspects of innovation, but they are core elements of strategies adopted by the most successful brands. 


The cfo's playbook to retail transformationWhitepaper | The CFO’s playbook for retail transformation 

Many retail round tables revolve around topics like omnichannel experiences, cross-border e-commerce, and the power of AI. These topics can be distracting for teams who are still struggling to streamline the nuts and bolts of their operations. This whitepaper is for retailers who understand the value of shifting from expansion to transformation mode to enable long-term, sustainable growth. 


The core challenges of retail lease administration and how to fix themThe core challenges of retail lease administration and how to fix them 

A key area of technological infrastructure that retailers cannot overlook is retail lease administration. It serves less as a support function and more as a strategic role these days. When equipped with effective tools and processes, commercial lessors and lessees can make data-driven decisions that increase profitability. This blog covers seven common challenges facing retailers and how to address these issues with a robust lease management solution.   


how to generate an mrr reportVideo | How to generate an MRR report 

One of the best ways to introduce miscalculations and mistakes into your data for contracts and deferrals is to store that information in spreadsheets. Manual entries at month-end are time-consuming and error-prone, resulting in inaccurate reporting. In this short video, our Senior Solutions Consultant, Don Ramsay, explains how you can easily generate MRR reports using Subscription Billing Suite for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Take your data from unknown to actionable with real-time reports covering all your revenue streams. 


key challenges of ecommerce subscription models4 key challenges retailers face with e-commerce subscription models 

E-commerce subscription models are an increasingly popular option for retail consumers. Modern shoppers want unprecedented convenience at the lowest prices. In the U.S., retail subscriptions amount to $15 billion per month. However, just because the business is trending doesn’t mean it will work for every brand. If your company lacks the necessary resources to sustain customer expectations, you could go into liquidation. This blog covers four of the main challenges involved with managing an e-commerce subscription model to help you determine if it would be an ideal strategy for your business. 

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