Extra Special Pricing for an Extra Special Customer

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Rockton Pricing Management (RPM) makes it easy to set up special pricing for your customers. When your salespeople are negotiating prices with their customers, it’s often based on a specific price list or group of customers based on a specific attribute. For example, loyal customers based on longevity, spending, location, or even industry. You can assign prices in any groups you want.

What if you have a customer who is extra special? Perhaps they have negotiated an extra special price due to their loyalty and how much money they spend in a year. Or you have negotiated a specific discount amount for a specific item or amount of time. RPM to the rescue!

Loyal Customer

Say you have one customer who is a loyal customer and spends a high dollar amount each year. For this reason, they have negotiated an additional 7% discount on all purchases. Let’s walk through how you can have an extra special price for an extra special customer. How you accomplish this can depend on how you have set up your pricing, but let’s go through a couple of examples on how to accomplish the same thing but in different ways. That’s the thing about RPM, it’s so flexible you can set up pricing in more than one way.

Example 1 – Create a Price Schedule for the extra special Customer

The first option is to create a new Price Schedule specifically for the special customer and assign the extra 7% discount.  First though, be sure to create the new Customer Price Class in Acumatica. This creates a new Price Schedule in RPM.

Create Price Calculation

Your customer already gets a 10% discount for being a loyal customer, but we need to create another Price Calculation for the 7%. We could create one Price Calculation for a 17% discount but that would be 17% off the base Unit Price. We want to calculate the additional 7% on the price after the 10% discount. Plus, having a separate price calculation makes it easy to remove the 7% if needed.

  1. Under the Pricing menu, open Price Calculations and click Add New.
  2. Name the Price Calculation, for example, Special 7%.
  3. For the Price Mode Option, select Percent Adjustment and enter -7 for the Percent.
  4. Mark the Modify Unit Price
  5. In the Tracking section, mark the Track Adjustment and enter the GL Accounts to which you wish to track the amounts.


Create Pricing Filter

Since only one customer is getting this extra special pricing, let’s set up a Pricing Filter for that customer.

  1. Under the Pricing menu, open Pricing Filters and click Add New.
  2. Enter a Name and Description to define the filter.
  3. In the Pricing Filter Values section, click Add New.
  4. Make the following selection:

Entity:  Customer
Operand:  Equals
Customer:  Select the Customer for this filter

  1. Save both screens.


Setup Price Schedule

Now that the Price Calculations are set up, let’s set up the new Price Schedule for this special customer and assign the discounts.

  1. Under the Pricing menu, open Price Schedules and open the new Price Schedule that was created from the Customer Price Class.
  2. Select the Pricing Filter we created above.
  3. Select the Price Source Option you want to use.
  4. In the Price Calculations section, add the 10% Discount Price Calculation and then add the Special 7%

Note: If the 7% calculation is added first, you will need to adjust the rank so that the 10% discount is taken first and the 7% discount is calculated on the amount after the first discount.


RPM is now ready to calculate that extra special price for your customer. But this isn’t the only way to accomplish what you need. Maybe you don’t want to have a separate Price Schedule for the extra special Customer. Let’s look at how you can simply add a new Price Calculation for the already existing Price Schedule.

Example 2 – Use an existing Price Schedule

If you want to use the same Price Schedule, simply add a new Price Calculation to the existing Price Schedule where you already have the 10% discount assigned for the Customer. All you need to do is assign the Customer to the new Price Calculation. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Create a Pricing Filter following the steps outlined above.
  2. Create a Price Calculation following the steps above but in the Pricing Filter field, select the Pricing Filter you created in step 1 here.
  3. Under the Pricing menu, open Price Schedules and open the Price Schedule for your customers receiving the 10% discount.
  4. In the Price Calculations section, add the new Price Calculation for the 7% discount.


It’s that simple. RPM was designed to make your work simpler & easier®. With the flexibility RPM offers, you are sure to accomplish what you need with your pricing.

For more information on RPM or if you would like to see a demo, contact our Sales team at sales@rocktonsoftware.com.

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