An Overview of Start-ups Life Cycle

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In the previous blog post, we looked at the unique challenges faced by the Semiconductor and IoT industry companies during production ramp. We know that the industry landscape is changing rapidly and with this ramping of organizations is getting more complex. To address this complexity, a thorough understanding of a start-up’s life cycle is necessary. Typically start-ups go through a 3-phase growth lifecycle from pre-ramp stage to production ramp to production breadth stage.

The following excerpt from a recent Tensoft webcast – “Challenges to Scaling Production Ramp” – describes the 3 distinct growth phases of start-up’s lifecycle.

With each stage the operational complexity increases, as the focus of supply chain execution shifts from establishing vendor relationships to timely production to meet the customer delivery needs, to scaling efficiently to maximize profits. When company nears to the production ramp stage, aspects like lowering production costs and efficient inventory planning become more crucial.

As companies grow, they have to make tough decisions in terms of their people, processes and systems. They have to constantly evolve to set themselves for future. The understanding of when to move away from the existing ‘people as the process’ model, systems and processes to a more structured scalable model is the key to address organizational ramping challenges.

Tensoft has 18+ years of experience in helping semiconductor startups identify and mitigate these challenges. To learn more on how Tensoft can help you, watch the full recording of “Challenges to Scaling Production Ramp” here. For more information about Tensoft and Tensoft’s products and services, please visit our website or contact us.

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