Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Expensive?

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There are no easy answers to that question. That's because what companies consider expensive varies and is mostly determined by the value the commodity provides.

The relevant question, instead, should be whether Dynamics 365 solutions are a good investment and worth whatever price they command.

In this short blog post, we take a stab at demystifying the pricing of Dynamics 365, whether it be for Business Central, Sales, Customer Service, or Finance and Operations, and try to help you understand what you need to budget for.  For a deeper look into this topic, we have a fuller blog post on it you can read here.

Dynamics Pricing

The pricing of Dynamics 365 can be quite opaque — if you don't know what to ask for. The first mistake that companies tend to make is to assume that purchasing the solution alone makes up the cost of deploying the entire system.

That's not true, at all. Other critical services must be paid for. Some of these critical services include support contracts with the training provider; add-on modules that are considered critical; and supplementary products that add a lot of value.

The second mistake companies tend to make is to think that the pricing of Dynamics 365 is stable. The fact is simple; it's not, not even by a long shot.

The third mistake that companies make is thinking that even the programs of Microsoft are stable. No, they aren't. The company has so many ERP solutions on the market for a lot of different niches, and all of these solutions come at different prices and constantly undergo name changes. That makes it difficult to get an accurate range for what any ERP solution might cost.

However, every solution has a payment structure that's rather simple to follow. The licensing for the solution itself is calculated by full users. So the more users a company has, the more it would have to pay monthly. Besides from that monthly payment, you will need to receive training - but that is a one time fee that ranges significantly depending on the product you're purchasing.  Read more about the price of training in the blog written and posted on our website.

All of this goes to show that Dynamics 365 programs can be expensive, but they can be just within the reach of most companies as well. However, the important thing when analyzing the expenses that go into this program is not how much it will cost your company, but how much it will save it.

No matter how much you spend on a Dynamics 365 solution, the resulting efficiency that the program provides means it will always pay for itself. There's no need for a long trek to demystify the pricing of Dynamics 365 because the solution will always pay for itself in the long run.

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