An Engineering Firm Migrates Critical AEC Functions to the Cloud with HSO ProServ and aec360

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The success of many AEC firms depends on their ability to effectively administer all aspects of their operations, everything from sales and marketing to project delivery and accounting. Powerful technology solutions are required by these firms in order to monitor all of the details associated with client relationships and projects. This requires the right AEC software.AEC software

Coffman Engineers, a multidisciplinary engineering firm that specializes in civil, corrosion control, electrical, mechanical, and survey, among other services, recently began searching for a new, cloud-based business platform to streamline its operations. They were looking for a dynamic solution that would provide more cohesive teamwork and departmental support throughout the firm.

The team at Coffman Engineers researched the possible solutions extensively and considered which options would best improve their business before making the decision to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and aec360 by HSO.

“After extensively vetting architecture and engineering ERP software vendors and looking out over the next 10–15 years, it was clear that Microsoft Dynamics 365 and aec360 were uniquely positioned to help us achieve new levels of integration and insights across our business,” Dave Ruff, CEO and President of Coffman Engineers said. “We are confident that this new cloud platform will help us continue to innovate and grow our business well into the future.”

Built on Dynamics 365, aec360 delivers AEC software with features firms require

“We’re driving productivity, collaboration, and insights across our clients’ businesses in a way no one else can because we have the full Microsoft platform behind us,” said Andy Yeomans, Executive Vice President of Sales, HSO ProServ. “This was a true match made in heaven for the team at Coffman Engineers due to our knowledge and our purpose-built solutions designed specifically for the AEC industry.”

HSO ProServ helped Coffman Engineers establish and carry out an implementation plan customized to maximize their investment into Dynamics 365 and aec360. The close collaboration of the two teams allowed Coffman Engineers to bring its CRM and ERP data together by identifying opportunities for integrating the firm’s existing CRM solution and data into its new cloud-based business platform.

“Once you get all of these major business areas integrated, data flows more seamlessly, and the customer can realize tremendous benefits with CRM, ERP, and soon HR all on one platform,” Yeomans said. “That just wouldn’t be possible without Dynamics 365 and aec360.”

By migrating to Dynamics 365 and aec360, Coffman Engineers is set to enhance its internal processes and attain improved visibility into all aspects of its operations. For more information on Coffman Engineers’ experience with HSO ProServ and Dynamics 365, read the full case study published by Microsoft.

Find out how HSO ProServ can help your AEC firm

The benefits achieved by Coffman Engineers’ partnership with HSO ProServ and Microsoft is just one example of our ability to help AEC firms transform their business operations. To learn how we can help you achieve the same or similar benefits, contact us today.

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