Semiconductor & IoT Industry Start-ups: Solutions for Unique Challenges

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Semiconductor and IoT start-ups have a number of unique challenges. Tensoft has worked with hundreds of these companies, so we’ve had the opportunity to really identify these challenges, and to help address them. Of course, understanding what these challenges are is an important first step.

The following excerpt from a recent Tensoft webcast – “Challenges to Scaling Production Ramp” – describes the challenges that semiconductor and IoT start-ups share:



If this description sounds familiar, your company may also be juggling competing internal resource demands with a need to conserve cash for product investment. As a result, investments to meet operational and production goals that require flawless supply chain execution to speed time- to-market and maximize both profitability and revenue may have been short-changed.

Successful production ramp needs to optimize the business flows specific to semiconductor and IoT industry business processes. This paves way for the repeatable structured processes and systems, thus allowing teams to grow and scale effectively. The longer start-ups wait to put structure in their processes, the tougher it gets to scale. Effective supply chain and ERP systems need to be put in place to support start-up growth, but how can start-ups afford that?

Tensoft has extensive experience in helping semiconductor startups worldwide to overcome all of these challenges.

To learn more, watch the full recording of “Challenges to Scaling Production Ramp” here. For more information about Tensoft and Tensoft’s products and services, please visit our website or contact us.

By Caprice Murray, Tensoft, a Silicon Valley-based Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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