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Pelorus Technology, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 international partner, hopes to serve as your digital compass in the complex global business world. Our company is proud of its unique approach. We base our philosophy on delivering projects faster and more economically, so you can get on with business. We offer ERP selection, design, implementation, optimization, and rescue. Also, analytics and Business Intelligence as well as apps and automation.

Meet the team

The partners heading Pelorus Technology have an enviable combination of industry expertise and market experience. The team includes:

Our team brings a fresh, exciting, and innovative approach to the unique Pelorus service offerings.

Patrick Boren, Managing Partner and Chief Operations Officer expressed his excitement about the company and its offerings:

"I am very excited to bring Pelorus Technology into the services industry as a Microsoft Implementation Partner. Our company is built to combine global reach with a local touch.”

Erik Cornet, President and visionary Dynamics technologist, added:

“Our leadership team combines deep subject matter experience with a fresh approach to Dynamics projects. In a market filled with partners that are indistinguishable in terms of their approach to Dynamics project work, Pelorus will set a new standard in speed to value for critical Dynamics business projects."

Peter Joeckel, Partner and Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, shared this thought:

I have been frustrated for my entire career with how projects are executed in the Dynamics space. The only way I was going to get back into the big implementation partner game was with a group that combined the leadership, resources, global reach, and commitment to measurable ROI and time to value that this group promises.”

Emily Holombek, Director of Marketing, promises:

“Expect to see an incredible amount of content from us setting the stage for our unique approach to the market and high-value projects. Our ideas will be public, but more importantly, we will have the commitment to execute in a new and aggressive manner. In the coming days and weeks, look for detailed explanations of our four core business tenets.”

Pelorus’ core business tenets
  • Our unique methodology – We aim to deliver projects faster and more economically.
  • Our senior level of experience - Our industry-leading experts are hands-on in each project.
  • Our reliable resources – We have a steady and effective team that will stick with each project.
  • Our expertise – we have the knowledge and experience to deliver successful projects.

We pride ourselves on a global reach, with a local touch. We believe in balance. High-quality experience and resources combine with efficient solutions to bring you implementation with optimization at a reasonable price point.

To learn how we can help your organization implement the most appropriate ERP software project with the best value for your business, contact our team at Pelorus Technology.

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