How to Send Out Mass Collection Emails

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How to Send Out Mass Collection Emails

Save time sending out open AR to multiple customers by using the iPayment App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Sending open AR to multiple customers is simple with the iPayment app. Simply go to the Collections Manager in Business Central, select one or more customers you would like to send open AR to, and click "Email" at the top.


This feature will send all open AR, current or past due, to all customers that were selected. They will each receive an email with PDF attachments of the invoices, which they can click into and review. There will also be a link at the bottom of the email, "View Your Records," that the customer can click in order to view all open AR.


Your customer will then be brought to your unique HPP (Hosted Payment Page), where they will be able to select which invoice(s) they would like to pay, and use the "Pay Selected Invoices" link to proceed with payment.


After the customer pays, they will be auto-emailed a receipt.

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