Certification Management Software: Organize Vital Employee Data

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Certification Management is the process of organizing and managing digital certifications, licenses, and applicable documents. Managing certifications involves constructing requirements, storing copies of certificates, and designating and monitoring expiration terms.

There is a myriad of certificates that your business may need to track and store. These may be items required for regulatory compliance. They may also include employee health-related documents such as proof of vaccination. Perhaps your company requires educational or licensing credentials to be on file.

If your company is even moderately sized, all this paperwork can add up. And for large companies with hundreds or thousands of employees, it can be overwhelming.

Now more than ever, you need a way to manage all your essential data. We have a solution.

The Greenshades Certification Management Module

At Greenshades, we know there is a lot involved in keeping track of your employees and their certifications, licenses, and health documents. With the advent of COVID-19 and ongoing governmental health restrictions, businesses with a  sizable workforce are mandated to require vaccination proof from their employees. Also,  companies must comply with local, state, and federal regulations regarding licenses and certifications. It’s not enough to know that an employee is licensed or certified. You have to be sure that these documents are accessible and up to date. You need a record of expiration dates and, better yet, a system for warning when they are about to expire.

In addition to certifications, licenses, and vaccination records, the Greenshades Certification Management Module can also keep track of company-wide training programs and deadlines for completing them.

We’ve developed the Greenshades Certification Management Module for use with your ERP solution. The Greenshades Certification Module is an updated and automated document management module, and it includes functionality that allows employee self-service. Employees and administrators can track expiration dates for certificates, licenses, health documents, and training programs, as well as other information needed for compliance or reference.

The Greenshades Certification Module will store documents and run daily automated reports. You can configure the module to notify administers of pending expirations and compliance violations.

This level of automation simplifies employee onboarding, particularly for employers who take on many new hires simultaneously. It also gives employees a measure of control over their own data.

With the certification management reporting dashboard, employees and administrators can have complete visibility into expired items that need immediate action, items expiring soon, and other documents and notifications.

To learn more about the  Greenshades Certification Management Module and how it can benefit your business,  contact our experts at Greenshades.

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