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Traditional pricing models such as cost-based pricing (i.e. figuring out your costs and adding a profit margin) have fallen by the wayside with recent widespread implementation of SaaS billing models.  Businesses across all kinds of industries are using SaaS-influenced pricing strategies to streamline subscription services and introduce their customer base to flexible pricing options. The following resources explore the interplay between novel billing models and ERP technology. 

8 SaaS Pricing models explained in under three minutesVideo| 8 SaaS pricing models explained in under 3 minutes 

With the growing adoption of SaaS pricing models, figuring out how to price and bill for software has become an intricate process requiring data and insight into your customers’ mindsets. Many SaaS companies are implementing subscription services that focus on adding value and increasing recurring revenue through a mixture of different billing models. This short video will provide you with an overview of 8 different SaaS pricing models and, if you liked this, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more informative content.  

The definitive guide to usage-based subscription billingDefinitive guide to usage-based billing 

Usage-based billing is among the most common subscription billing strategies companies use today. This is a pricing model where billing reflects how much customers use your service or product. One advantage is that usage can be defined differently for various industries. This blog will provide you with all the tools necessary to determine if usage-based billing is the right pricing model for your business. 

Modernizing finances with real-time analyticsVideo| Modernizing finances: Drive strategic financial decisions with real time analytics 

By 2025, finance will operate in real time. Centralized, real-time reporting will replace traditional periodic forecasts, enabling teams to make strategic decisions based on actionable data. Watch this short video to learn how companies are already taking steps to modernize their finances using real time analytics.  

The ultimate guide to choosing an ERP for your financial transformationThe ultimate guide to choosing an ERP for your financial transformation 

ERP software is a key component of any successful financial transformation but knowing which solution will benefit your company the most is easier said than done. This blog will walk you through the process of choosing the right ERP to fit your business requirements and provide you with all the features necessary for your industry. You can also download our free booklet if you want to know more. 

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