Provisioning a Dynamics HR environment

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Microsoft constantly introduces new features and capabilities to provide organizations with modern and innovative experiences. One of the most recent changes is the introduction of individual apps linked to the module in D365F&O, that aims to save licensing costs. Dynamics HR, earlier known as Dynamics 365 for Talent, is the latest app launched by Microsoft.

This blog will cover how you can set up a trial version of the Dynamics HR app and how you can link it to your D365F&O environment.

The first step is to provision Dynamics HR. This can be done by navigating to and signing in with your work account. Scroll down and you will see the below section for Human Resources.






Click on Request a Demo button as highlighted







In the next page, click on Sign up for a free trial option






It will open a new browser window which will ask for few personal details to proceed. Once you finish the wizard, it will automatically start provisioning the new Dynamics HR environment, and the process will take around 45 minutes.

It will be same as the D365F&O environment.

The last step includes identifying the environment details. Click on the “?” sign next to the Username in the top right corner and select “About”







It will show the following details








You will also see the name of the Dataverse environment, which is taken as TestDrive by default. Now since this HR environment needs to be integrated with D365F&O, Dataverse acts as a middleware between these environments

This TestDrive environment can also be seen in Power Apps. Log into with the same user ID and in the environment list you will be able to see the TestDrive environment.









In the upcoming series of posts, you will see how you can perform customization and embed third-party apps with Dynamics 365.

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