Microsoft Teams Workflow Approval in Dynamics 365 Finance

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Microsoft Teams Workflow approval and rejection can now be configured through Business Events and Logic Apps/Power Automate. The workflow capability enables you to guarantee that documents are handled and processed in a consistent and efficient manner. Its approval and rejection was previously limited only within Dynamics 365, but it can now be done within other applications such as Logic Apps/Power Automate through business events, adaptive cards, and Microsoft Teams.

Business events are occurrences in an intranet program which allow users to

  • interact with the workflow framework;
  • receive notifications from Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations when a workflow item is assigned to them; or
  • to approve a workflow item

Adaptive cards are an open card exchange format enabling developers to exchange user interface content in a common and consistent way. They are a way of building an interface to display information in different systems. Adaptive card designs can be customized through its website where users are allowed to freely design  their cards.

The process for approving/rejecting Teams workflows outside D365 is shown in the framework below.

Workflow from Microsoft Teams to be approved or rejected within Logic Apps
Workflow from Microsoft Teams to be approved or rejected within Logic Apps.

In the instance above, when a purchase requisition workflow is submitted from the D365 Finance and Operations, a business event is triggered. This initiates Logic Apps and the workflow instance is validated. Upon validation, Adaptive cards are  utilized for the composition of Teams messages, notifications as well as approval cards which are sent to approvers. Depending upon the action received from Microsoft Teams, workflow is approved or rejected.


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